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Become A Champion

Everyone wants to be a winner and a champion. Let's face it, winning always feels better than losing. Being the champion places you on top where you can receive all the well deserved accolades that go along with the position.


There is not a single champion that was born that way. They had to work for it ... and work hard! Sometimes for many years ... in order to reach that "champion" status. They had to go through the trials of competion, defeating their opponents to reach that one moment of victory which made them The Champion.

However, if you ask any of them, they will each tell you that it wasn't winning the competitions that made them the champion they have become. It was all the hard work of training, all the disappointments of failure, all the set-backs and learning from mistakes they, and others before them, made. It was the dedication, sweat and perseverance of not losing site of trying to achieve their dream. And never, ever giving up.


That is the mark of a true champion. Someone who keeps their dream and goal alive within them. They train, learn, go through the disappointments and set-backs, yet persevere, driving ever forward and never looking back. Keeping their eyes fixed and focused on the prize.


This is true in life and in business. To become a champion, you have to have the same drive within you, telling you every step of the way not to quit. Don't lose focus. The "pay-off" is worth the effort. In other words, a true champion is already one inside themselves, long before they ever become one physically, no matter what the "prize" is or the goal they have set for themselves.


I encourage each one to determine within themselves to be a champion. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from moving forward towards achieving your dreams. You will experience setbacks, disappointments and failure along the way. But since you have determined to be a champion, you will take those and learn from them. Use them as the stepping stones necessary to help you achieve your dreams. Not as stones to stumble over and make you fall.

It is all about how you perceive the situation. If you perceive it as a learning experience, then you will keep going, if you perceive it as something that stops you in your tracks, then you will never succeed and never be a champion.


One last note....

Try this sometime and you will see why you have to keep your eyes focused on where you are going.

Try walking a straight line while trying to look behind you at where you have already been. You cannot do it. More than likely, if you can any distance at all, you will stumble and fall. The way to prevent that from happening is to keep looking forward.


The same way with life or business. If you keep looking back you will never be able to see your future, much less reach it.


Michelle Davis


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