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Killing The Procrastination Bug


So here we are. Self-employed, looking forward to earning a really great cheque, but somehow, something is keeping us from doing what we know we should be doing to get that cheque. Personally I tend to procrastinate after successfully having fulfilled a project. It starts off with allowing me some time before starting the next one, but then eventually, to really start the next project can take weeks or even months.


So, what can we do against procrastination? Well, a lot of people say: “You have to really commit to what you’re doing.” And I guess that as long as the project is fun to do, that’s easy enough. What happens though when a project becomes difficult or boring? We start putting it off. You know, no time now, better tomorrow, etc. (Procrastination!) Others say, write a “to do” list every day and check things of as you’ve finished them. Great tool, as long as you take it seriously and keep writing it and following it every day. If not, procrastination.


For me, the best way is to be part of a group of people that are all working in the same direction, a mastermind if you want, but not necessarily.

The important part is that other people know what you are supposed to do that day and you know of the things the others have planned. (It could be a group as small as two persons and it doesn’t matter is both work in MLM or one is in a totally different line of work.) What matters is the (social) control factor. It’s a bit like getting back to school. “Did you do your homework today?”


It is wise to combine this strategy with a time based project. Work in blocks of three months. (Why 3? Well it seems to be the sort of length of time necessary to get things done, but isn’t too long to be looking up to.) Set your goals and discuss them with your partner(s). Have daily, email, chat, telephone, etc. contact to keep a supporting eye out for/on each other.


After three months, check to see if you’ve met your goals and plan the new ones. Ask yourself if you would you like to create or be in a (little) work group like this.

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