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Custom-Made Prospecting and Lead Generation System for Network Marketers

Many Network Marketers, Direct Marketers, and Internet Marketers are constantly looking for tools that will help make prospecting for new distributors and communicating with their teams easier and more efficient.  Virtual Office and PBX technologies might be what they need to make that happen.


Many Virtual Office and PBX systems offer a custom-made Prospecting and Communications function to help simplify and enhance your recruiting while increasing your product sales. In addition, the virtual attendant will help you increase your retention rate for existing distributors on your team. And what’s more, the virtual office is usually an easily duplicable system.


With many virtual office systems you’ll get:


  • A push-button method for instantly communicating with all of your distributors
  • The ability to pre-record multiple prospecting messages to help you find excited new prospects
  • A simple, easy-to-use, automated tool for attracting motivated new distributors
  • A system for sending pre-recorded training messages from you and others to all of your new distributors, and
  • A way to increase sales through 24/7 presentations, informational messaging, and automated order-taking

Here is a quick summary of how a Virtual PBX system can help marketers accelerate their businesses and drive up sales:


  1. Your can have your own personal, toll-free number giving your small business the credibility and image it needs,
  2. Your virtual office can help you create a professional, big-business image to help you compete on a level playing field with Fortune 500 companies, while giving you greater accessibility to your customers and prospects,
  3. A Toll-Free 24-hour system, programmed with recorded messages, can offer you multiple ways to market your business on autopilot, pass on information, connect with prospects, and build relationships,
  4. With the ability to send and receive faxes 24/7 online, you’ll gain convenience while saving money on costly fax machines—plus do your part for the environment by conserving paper and toner,
  5. You can use your Virtual PBX to survey your customers and get an inside view of the workings of your customers’ minds—enabling you to better serve them and/or sell to them,
  6. The virtual office will serve as a powerful weapon in any network marketer’s arsenal, both for recruiting and retaining successful distributors, as well as training and grooming new downline members,
  7. With your Virtual Attendant, you’ll have a quick and easy way to capture testimonials to further build your business’s credibility, giving your prospects a way to listen to them,
  8. The Virtual Office Call Recording feature will allow you to train new employees and perform quality assurance checks to increase your team’s overall efficiency and effectiveness,
  9. You can also have the ability to record teleseminars for later listening at your and your team’s scheduling convenience with a Virtual Attendant,
  10. A Virtual Office and PBX will help you save money on your marketing and advertising budget,
  11. The Ad Tracking feature in a virtual office system will also allow you to meticulously track which ads are working—and which ones aren’t,
  12. You can use your Virtual PBX's On-Hold Commercials to pass on key information or promote offers even while your customers are on-hold waiting to speak to you, your Customer Service Rep, or one of your team members,
  13. The Automated Call Distribution (ACD) function evens out your team’s workload and lets you profile high-performing sales team members,
  14. Your customers and clients can now have around-the-clock access to important printed documents via your Virtual PBX's Fax-On-Demand function,
  15. Customers, clients, and prospects can now call you from anywhere in the world, and at no cost, thanks to the technology of the Virtual PBX system's Click-To-Call feature,
  16. Your Virtual Office system can make telecommuting a snap by providing a way to keep a dispersed team connected—no matter where they may be located,
  17. One Number instead of Three! The Virtual PBX will allow you to provide your customers and clients with one convenient number to call instead of the confusion of three (or more) separate numbers for fax, office, and cell phone,
  18. Practically all the major vendors of Virtual PBX systems also include a Conference Call Bridge line which will allow you to make conference calls between 2 or more calls: some even allowing thousands of participants, saving you time and money at no extra cost to you,
  19. A virtual office also enables you to easily track the return on investment from your marketing campaigns and pay-per-click advertising,
  20. Virtual PBX vendors also provide you with a team of professional, affordable Voice Studio artists to help you create top-quality greetings, prompts, and on-hold commercials—and in multiple languages,
  21. With a Virtual Office and PBX system, there is no limit to the ideas and things you can do. And Virtual PBX users are continually finding new and interesting ways to put these tools to additional and even more profitable uses!


Ernest O'Dell is the Director of Unified Communications at Questar TeleCommunications is an authorized independent agency for iTeleCenter. Their primary focus is educating various industries about implementing Unified Communications, Messaging, Mobile Collaboration, Virtual Office and PBX systems.  Receive two free reports on Virtual Office and PBX Technologies at:



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