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Social networking sites are becoming a strong leader with Internet marketers for many reasons. The social networking scene can allow any marketer to pick a niche group to which she can market. With sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, there are many different age groups, females and males, and various cultures to which you can market.

Each of the different social networking groups has its own unique wants and needs. By being able to meet their needs and wants, as a marketer, you can create your own daily, weekly, and monthly sales revenue. Not only the sales revenue, you can create your own loyal following of customers who can send you even more customers through your customers’ contact lists on each of these sites.

With social networking sites, you can add people from all around the world to your friend’s list. By learning more about what motivates the people on your list, finding out what their needs and wants are, and by making friends through these sites, you can build an opt-in list in a totally new way.

Social Networking Demographics

There are many various age groups which use Facebook and MySpace to keep in touch with family and friends.

Let’s keep the prior sentence in mind while we take a trip through this section.

Those who use social networking sites for keeping in contact with family and friends have just set up a niche for you already. Keeping in contact with loved ones using a social network site is, in itself, an example of a need being filled by a want with technology.

These Websites are designed so that people of any age can use them. MySpace and Facebook let their users interact with each other. Parents and grandparents can keep in contact with children away at college or living thousands of miles away, cutting down on the price phone calls.

With this in mind, breaking down the individual age groups can be daunting. You will need to consider specific age groups that would be ideal prospects for your products or services from a consumer’s point of view.

For items your parents would use, you wouldn’t want to target middle, high or college students or people in your own age range. You will have to define the age group your parents fall in and work from there.

Although your parents were just an example, the same holds true for products and services that are age-specific. For instance, younger audiences, such as college students under the age of twenty-five, are more apt to go for technology that is in now. Also, they are more apt to purchase add-ons for technology pieces such as MP3 players, cell phones, laptops, and PDAs.

But, let’s not forget the original reason social networking sites came to be. Social networking sites came to be because like-minded people wanted a place where they could network with each other. The popularity of social networking sites has become so popular that it is highly unlikely they will fall to the wayside at any time. The more technology evolves, the more social networking sites will evolve.

Another great example of social networking marketing is through YouTube and digital camcorders. The capability to download homemade videos has become as popular as webcasting. Being able to upload and download information to these sites will make the site user-friendly in many ways.

For example, being able to watch others doing every day extraordinary or even ordinary things gives people the feeling of belonging. You can use YouTube to provide the users of the site with information that can solve a problem they have. Then you will be able to back-end other services or products through the videos.

Basically in a nutshell, interacting with users of social networking sites will gain more bang for your buck and time. People want information in all kinds of forms they can take with them due to their busy lifestyles. This allows your viewers and people on your buddy lists to make an informed decision on their own terms and time.

So if you have had thoughts that social networking sites are not worth your time to use as a vehicle for marketing, it would be in your best interest to rethink this strategy. Read about it, pay attention to how others are using these sites for marketing, and always abide by site rules, policies, and restrictions.

Source: SFI Researched by Karen Barnes
Original Date Posted: October 2nd, 2009

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