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One Simple Phone Number Instead of Three Separate Numbers

One Simple Phone Number Instead of Three Separate Numbers 

A Virtual Office and PBX offers you the benefits of a single toll-free or local business number to make things ultra-simple for you—and for anyone trying to reach you! And, in many instances, if you already have a toll-free number, you can have it switched over to many virtual office system suppliers to get free inbound calls.


There's no need to give out multiple numbers on your stationery anymore. Printing the phone numbers to your office, fax, and cell phone numbers are practically made obsolete by the use of one toll-free number with a virtual office system. No need to confuse your clients and prospects by giving them a card with two or three numbers on it: One simple number does the work of all three. Clients, colleagues—even friends and family—will rest assured knowing they can always reach you by merely dialing you virtual office toll-free phone number.


Many providers give you multiple services, including Enhanced Voicemail, which allows you to easily take and manage messages. A virtual PBX will allow you to quickly increase your retention of repeat customers and get more phone orders, since people need only deal with one number instead of three. Moreover, you’ll avoid having to give out your cell number to the general public. Your privacy matters, after all!


Exceptional Call Handling Features


There are a lot of advanced calling features to keep an eye out for like:


  • Auto Attendant- This gives your business a professional image by routing calls to the right destinations.

  • Multiple user connectivity- You can connect any number of offices, branches and international extensions as one unit and transfer calls anywhere.

  • Remote employee support- For business enterprises having many mobile employees it gives a collaborative platform to enable workers to connect from anywhere in real time, to greatly enhance productivity.

  • Virtual offices- You can set up a virtual business presence wherever you go and sound large to clients to get more prospects.

  • Now wherever you go, your telecommunication features and services go with you.

  • Toll free numbers- Many IP-PBX providers allow you to have toll-free numbers and local phone numbers with anywhere connectivity.

  • Voicemail Transcription- This feature converts your voice messages to text formats like pdfs or docs in client specific formats.


The security of calls and data is a significant factor that greatly affects the decision while making the choice for a reliable Virtual PBX provider. Many service providers use meticulous and updated data security measures to safeguard customer data. Use of latest firewalls and anti-virus software prevents the data from being attacked by hackers and intrusions. Regular monitoring and updating of data, multiple backups in different locations ensure that all your data is safely secured.


The customized monthly packages, extendable connections, the ease of scalability and customization – all this and more is offered by the Virtual PBX providers which has the potential to meet the ever changing needs of any business enterprise. Companies save thousands of dollars on business communication by switching to Virtual PBX systems. No matter where you go, your services go with you so that you never miss out on a potential business opportunity.


Virtual PBX is an innovative tool for many savvy enterprises and is certainly the future face of business telecommunication. Every day more and more business enterprises are discovering the benefits of Virtual PBX systems and totally embracing this telecommunication tool as the ideal solution to optimize productivity remarkably by improving their business communications.



Ernest O'Dell is the Director of Unified Communications at Questar TeleCommunications is an authorized independent agency for iTeleCenter. Their primary focus is educating various industries about implementing Unified Communications, Messaging, Mobile Collaboration, Virtual Office and PBX systems.  Receive two free reports on Virtual Office and PBX Technologies at:

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