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Send and Receive Faxes 24/7 Without a Fax Machine

Send and Receive Faxes 24/7 Without a Fax Machine


Running a Direct Marketing or MLM business nowadays can be simplified when you can send a “Fax on Demand” to your prospects. Now you can send and receive faxes around the clock—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—without having to use a fax machine or pay for a separate dedicated fax line!


With a virtual office and PBX system you can send or receive faxes any time of the day or night using just your email program or your online account’s back office. And all without wasting a single sheet of paper or a single drop of toner! Many systems will even allow you to queue up faxes to go out at a specific time of day or night, depending on your marketing criteria, and will even send out stored documents through a “fax on demand” function.


Your virtual office toll free number is all you need. No more need to list a separate fax number on your business card or in your other advertising. Fax senders only need to remember ONE number: your toll free virtual office number.


Plus, many vendors' systems will automatically notify you via email and/or text message to your cell phone when you receive an incoming fax, or when someone has retrieved a fax on demand. You can then view your faxes either online, or through a link in your email notification, or have it forwarded to another fax machine if you so desire. Some virtual office systems will even convert your fax to a PDF format and forward it to your email or smart phone, or allow you to print it remote to another printer.


You can also print selected pages within your browser, if you so desire: you choose which pages you wish to print. Or simply save it in your online inbox or to your personal computer as a PDF file.


Some systems are designed for small to medium home based us and have an Automatic Retry feature to ensure that your sent faxes will always be delivered. Sending and receiving faxes just got a lot easier and a LOT less wasteful and stressful!


That kind of flexibility was unheard of thirty years ago when tax machines were dedicated to one single line. And if a fax machine was busy, your fax could easily time out and force you to “baby-sit” the outgoing fax until it was successfully sent.


The toll free number acts as the fax number, as the virtual office system recognizes the difference between a voice call and a fax call. When a fax is sent, the system recognizes the digital “handshake” coming over the modem, and can then store it in the fax mailbox for later retrieval, forward the faxed document to a local fax machine, or even send the fax to an email address as an attachment. The unified messaging feature of the virtual PBX unchains small business owners from the home or small office and allows them the flexibility to get out and build their business while still being available to their customers.


Ernest O'Dell is the Director of Unified Communications at Questar TeleCommunications is an authorized independent agency for iTeleCenter.

Their primary focus is educating the various industries about implementing Unified Communications, Messaging, Mobile Collaboration, Virtual Office and PBX systems.

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