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What is Leveraging?

What is Leverage?

Archimedes a philosopher from 287 BC to 212 BC made the following statement about a lever, “Give me where to stand, and I will move the earth.” Leverage is simply the advantage of using a lever.   Now in this article I am not talking about the regular concept of using a lever to move an object.  But I am talking about using leverage to create a stronger and larger income than you could produce by yourself.


Now some people don't like the idea of leveraging others. But, here is the bottom line. In the world most people live in, you are either leveraging others or you yourself are being leveraged! Get it? If you are the boss or business owner you are leveraging others. If you are an employee, you are bring leveraged!


If you want to create wealth you are going to need a large lever to “move your financial earth.” People are what create that lever and leverage to move your financial earth.  But not just any people, these must be people who are working towards the same goal as you. When people are working together towards the same goal, then you are building a larger and larger lever able to create more and more financial growth. 


Just like it takes a team to play football or build a house, and they have different strengths that help even more. What does that mean?  Let’s say you make $10 for every CD that you sell, if you can sell 10 CDs per day that is $100.   That’s not bad right? What if you had 5 people who would help you make sales?  Instead of making $10 per CD you make $5.  But each of them sells 10 CDs per week.  So they sell 50 CDs and you make $250 and you did not do any extra work, any extra advertising, but you went from making $100 to $350 dollars week. 


Now where things get real interesting is when those 5 people each have people who work for them.  So on that level instead of you making $10 or $5 per sale you are only making $2 per sale.  However you have 25 associates on that level who each make 10 sales.   Even better you only worked selling the 10 CDs, your team sold an additional 50 CDs and then their teams sold 250 CDs!  Because all of you were working toward the same goal you sold 310 CDs.  Even though you did not make as much per sale by having a team, you made far more than you would have made by yourself. You are just one person.  That is the big problem with creating wealth without any help. 


You are only given 24 hours in a day.   Over half of those 24 hours must be spent on activities like sleeping, eating, and doing chores and other things that must be done but does not create wealth.   However when you have a team who are all working together you have created a leverage point on those hours.  So you do not just spend 10 hours per week working on creating wealth.  You also have a team of 5 who each spend 10 hours a week creating wealth for themselves and you which means you and your team are spending 60 hours per week on creating wealth. And in the example before each of those 5 people had a team of 5.  What if they spend 10 hours per week working as well?  They work a total of 250 hours per week, plus your team and you work 310 hours per week.  That is 310 hours of work put in per week. If you could work 24 hours per day 7 days per week, you by yourself could only work 168 hours in a week.  With your team you are putting in almost double that, and you are only working 30 hours each week! You and your team are spending over 300 hours per week building a bigger and bigger business. 


Everyone is working towards the singular goal of creating a business.  In fact, this is the way it works at any “regular” business in America.   At your local grocery store there are dozens of people working various different shifts all working together to keep the store operating.  One person could not run the whole store.  One person could not work all the hours it takes to get everything done.   They are leveraging the hours of all those people to create a profitable enterprise.  This is an advantage of building a Network Marketing company, you may earn less on other levels, but you have more people working, and more people working means more sales being made, creating more income. In fact Network Marketing is a “fairer” deal than the general businessworld. Why? In Network Marketing it is not one “You're Leveraging” or two, “You're being Leveraged.” No, it's both --- those above you are leveraging you and you are leveraging those below you.


I would rather earn one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my own efforts.   ~~ J. Paul Getty, Billionaire/Oil Magnate ~~


See you at the top,

Michael Wiley

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