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Just Do It! (An Excerpt From The Secret Formula)

Concerns about health and the environment are becoming uppermost in people's minds, while products and services embracing new technology and ideas are always being brought to an expanding market. Networking as a marketing medium is also growing rapidly.


The timing of an opportunity that combines the benefits of Network Marketing with products that service these markets is quite unique, and increasingly companies particularly in the expanding health and eco-product market are using Network Marketing to move their product.


Timing is everything in business and the time to invest is when the stock is rising.


No degree or professional qualification is required to be successful in Network Marketing. As well as offering an income opportunity for the astute and successful business professional it is revolutionary in that it provides a legitimate vehicle for anyone, by their own efforts, regardless of age, education or background, to enjoy a higher standard and quality of life.


People who may not have previously had particular aspirations or strong ambitions can be free of the restrictions and limitations of the corporate structure and be richly rewarded for conscientious effort and diligence.


Goals may be to supplement income on a part-time basis or to reach financial independence; to pay for travel, a new home, giving to charity, or early retirement; perhaps having time for sport, to devote to study, or time to enjoy with family.


Whatever the desires and aspirations of the individual, a Network Marketing business opportunity can provide the means to achieving them.


You will already have household and personal care products in your cupboards. If the company's products offer quality and value then becoming a customer is no different from changing brands. New technology and changing consumer needs ensure companies are continually bringing new products and services to the marketplace.


Network Marketing simply allows you to be rewarded for recommending a product to someone while offering them the opportunity to earn an income themselves.I


If you retail the products then clearly you are selling. So too when you enrol a customer, who then the buys directly from the manufacturer on the strength of your recommendation, but the term "sharing" is also used because of the opportunity for rewards that you are also offering.


A business opportunity can be presented on a one to one basis, in small groups or through the internet. Organisations may arrange larger meetings, which help with training and showing the opportunity, while online marketing systems are available to attract prospects to you.


Though they are not compulsory, meetings are social and motivational, a chance to meet other people in the business. People are in business for themselves but not by themselves. A Distributor does not need to speak in front of large audiences to be successful, but the tools, structure and support are there to help.


The potential offered by a Network Marketing opportunity is unbounded, with a world market for expanding product ranges, and freedom to operate in that market, opening up more and more. There is no downside risk to the business as you need only purchase product for yourself that you would be buying and consuming anyway.


By offering the product and the opportunity to others the business will grow. The business should be fun too as you meet others, share ideas and help each other to learn and gain knowledge. Ultimately you will want to share the opportunity with friends, relatives and associates; people we know and love and people we come to meet.


Time is an asset that is the same for all of us. We can waste it or use it, but procrastination is not only the thief of time but the enemy of achievement. What reason to wait? Once you have enrolled with the person who offered you the opportunity, buy your own product, and SHARE!

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