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Why You Need An Effective MLM Training System

MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing, sometimes called Network Marketing.


This is what normally happens when you join an MLM company.  Your sponsor (the person who introduced you) will tell you to make a list.  They tell you write down everybody you know. Friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours, casual acquaintances, etc.  When you have made the list (this is called a warm list), they then tell you to contact them all and invite them to join your business, come to your house for a meeting or go to a hotel meeting.


I am not knocking this as it does work if you are a newbie to MLM, but what happens once you have exhausted your list or you are not a newbie and you have already pitched your warm list with business opportunities before.  You may even have lost friends and find your family members have stopped answering your telephone calls. 


The next step you may be told is to then go and find new contacts (sometimes called leads). How do you do this?  They tell you to approach complete strangers and ask them if they keep an open mind about business opportunities.  Now I have been there and tried all these, again I am not knocking them as they do work for some people.  I have had some very strange and sometimes aggressive replies from people when asking this question.  I have also been thrown out of a shopping centre because people have complained about me.


So what do you do to get leads if you have tried the above with minimal success or you don’t feel comfortable approaching your warm market or complete strangers?


This is where you need an effective MLM training system. I have looked at several ones that are on offer, the best ones around are based on Attraction Marketing. 


Attraction Marketing is where you attract people to you; you don’t have to go chasing leads.  People tend to buy from or want to work with people they know and trust.


They will also offer multiple ways of earning money (called income streams) from your list.  This is because not everyone is going to join your business, but they may be interested in some of the training that you offer. They may be happy with their current business, but they need training on how to effectively generate leads on the internet.


Attraction Marketing also allows you to market on the internet for people who are looking for help building their MLM businesses, regardless of what that business is.


Look for a training system that offers you step-by-step training on various subjects like Blog creation, Pay per Click Advertising, Free Advertising, Social Marketing, etc. 


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