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The Reason People Succeed


It’s been said that there are two reasons people become successful in network marketing. Everything else is just icing on the cake. I would disagree. There is only one.

The two reasons most people give are….. They  you have a marketing system in place, and  that you are perceived as a leader. This is somewhat redundant, as I’ll explain.

You will not be perceived as a leader unless you truly are a leader. It’s a quality that cannot be faked. And if you are indeed a true leader, you will have a marketing system in place.

If you are perceived as a leader, others instinctively pick up on the fact that you are someone who can make big things happen for people. How is it that you’re perceived as a leader? Is it something you’re born with, like George Washington or Napoleon, or can you develop leadership qualities within yourself?

Well, if it is something you inherit, I would not be here today.

I’ve been an introvert most of my life, and have been content following the direction of others. That all began to change when I tapped into personal development and growth as I grew In life. . I learned that anyone with normal brain function can condition him or herself to become a leader.

So, what is it about you that people follow? Is it your natural charm, your good looks, the car you drive? What they follow is your perceived value. A question to ask yourself right now is this: Why would anyone want to do business with me? What value could I potentially offer?

If you find these questions difficult to answer, good. That’s a starting point. If you can’t perceive your own value, how can a prospect perceive that value? That’s a sign it’s time to work on yourself.   don’t care what kind of marketing techniques you use; all success begins within. Let me say that again. All success begins within.



There is a myth that states that new things will make a new you. That’s why we’re so focused on buying that new car or getting that new job. Have you ever quit a job for another job, and found out that the only thing that changed was the color of the carpet?

If you don’t take concrete steps to change what’s inside of you, then you’re locked in an unending cycle. You’ve probably experienced this already. Soon enough, your new co-workers start to resemble your old ones. Your new car starts to remind you of your old clunker. Nothing really changes.

The truth is that a new you will attract new things. The Bible even says to “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added unto you.” It’s the exact same thing I’m talking about here. You need to work harder on yourself than you do anything else, including your marketing. It is indeed a fact that your state of life reflects your state of mind.

If the old you is not attracting the kinds of prospects you want, then immediately get to work on the new you. Take every course you can find, both online and off.  Focus particularly on courses on personal development. Build that person you want to become. Have you ever seen a group of dogs together? Very quickly, they establish a hierarchy. The leader, or dominant dog, is the Alpha male or female. In everyday social situations, humans do the same thing, only we’re not so obvious.

Every successful person you see today is an Alpha. From the President, to rock stars and actors, every one of them has a dominant leader quality. If not, they wouldn’t have been able to gather such a following. It’s this quality that attracts prospects to you.

Education is the key. Your prospects want something they don’t have, and it’s not just money. If you can demonstrate through your knowledge and experience that you can help them get what they want, they’ll follow you anywhere.



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