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Do You Have What It Takes To Become an Network Marketing Leader?

Network Marketing is not for everyone. It takes discipline, tenacity, a positive attitude, a thick skin, the ability to learn and self motivation. In addition to that you need to focus on helping people, and you need a vision. In short, everything a business owner needs.




Someone who does not have the discipline to sit down, make himself goals, write an action plan to go with the goals, making himself take action and keep doing it, will not make it for long in Network Marketing. In fact, 95% of Network Marketers fail in their first year. Get your self discipline sorted, and you will have a good start in your Network Marketing Career.


The ability to learn


You will be surprised to learn that some adults do not have the ability to learn. They just go through the motions. When you teach them something, they hear what they want to hear, and not what you tell them. Make sure you listen carefully to training classes. Make notes of what you learn, and repeat it back to yourself or your partner to make sure you understand it. Formulate questions for your trainer so he/she will know where and why you are struggling and so they can help you.




Also known as determination or“stick-to-ativeness.” Network Marketing takes time to build. Also, many people start and quit. Your ability to see it through past the five year mark will determine your success.


A thick skin


For the above reasons and because you are going to get many no’s you need to develop a thick skin. You need to learn to focus on helping people, and when you do that successfully, you will not see the no’s as a rejection, but you will see at as the other person’s loss. This is a big difference in perspective.


A positive attitude


In order to develop a thick skin, you need a positive attitude. In fact, attitude is the number one reason people are successful. Show me 10 people who are successful, and I will prove to you that the one thing they have in common is a positive attitude. You just cannot be successful without it.


Self motivation


When the going gets tough, a positive attitude will help you to motivate yourself. It will help you to find reasons to keep going, to help others. Motivating yourself goes back to your goals. If you have a string reason why you want to succeed, you will make sure you do. So find your why, and hang onto that. Let it be constantly with you by making it visual in some way, and when you feel like quitting, look at it.


Your Vision


Your vision is where you see yourself and your business in the future. Write out your vision and your business plan.  Yes, even Network Marketers need a business plan. It will help you make that action plan and write your goals and your vision on paper.


If you work on the above areas and you determine where you can improve and you work on those areas where you can improve, you will learn to develop the skills you don’t have and you will become a leader. This is why it is important to go to training and to find Network Marketing specific training online and with your network. In this way you will develop and grow into the person you want to be.


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