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Networking on Steroids – Morals and Ethics in The Network Marketing Industry

Networking on steroids is a term occasionally used in the Network Marketing industry to describe the passion and full on approach someone uses when they are building their business. In this Article I will explore the term using a different meaning.

An athlete stands in the gold medal winning position after winning their event, silver and bronze stand proudly to the right and left. Each athlete has worked hard to reach their positions on the Dias. If one of those athletes had been taking steroids they would morally and ethically not deserve their place on the Dias. Athletes have in the past, lost their medals for failing Post Race Steroid tests.

In other words, they have won the race but the way in which it was won is unethical.

The same philosophy can apply to other, in fact most other areas in life. Winning ‘regardless of the cost’ is an attitude some people feel is the most important regardless of the way in which it is reached or achieved.

In Network Marketing, this attitude results in a poor industry standard and negativity about the Network Marketing concept. This is evident by much of the negative opinion of the industry.

There are many areas where Poor Morals and ethics have caused problems in the Network Marketing Industry, some of the key issues include:

  • Lying about income projections would have to be at the top of the list. Network Marketing is a Business with no real guaranteed income projections. There is a LOT of money to be made in Network Marketing but the only guarantee is the one we make with ourselves based on the amount of work we are prepared to do.
  • “I’ve got something to show you but I can’t say what it is”. We’ve probably all heard that line at one time or another. If the idea is so good why would they not want to tell you what it is? When I hear that line my first thought is usually, Scam!
  • Falsely identifying oneself as being at a higher level within their business than they actually are brings false and negative training to those they sponsor and support.
  • No need to retail the products. It’s true that the long term income will be derived from Business members as volume grows, but retailing is still an important aspect especially in the initial stages of the business.

Being honest ethical with your marketing efforts will transfer to your downline as respect builds for you and the morally correct way you build and operate your business.

Eric J. Smith is a seasoned Network Marketer with a passion for ethics in the industry. Eric is building a solid foundation in Miessence, an MLM business built on a solid moral and ethical foundation.

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