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Accepting Negative Blows Like A Stone Cutter Bashing At A Rock

 The story was once told of a Stone cutter who was constantly bashing at a rock trying to get it split in two. Hour after hour he kept bashing as he counted his blows, 97, 98, 99… until finally on the one-hundredth blow the rock split in half. The stone cutter knows that it was not the 100th blow that cracked it but the many before it.

When we first start in Network Marketing we know to expect more failures than successes. In the process we are encouraged to keep moving through the processes until we build a successful network. This process is not unlike the stone cutter bashing at his rock.

When the stone cutter was working on the rock he was doing so with his end goal in mind. He knew what he was aiming for and kept bashing away until he achieved it.

I strongly recommend Network Marketing as a Business for anyone. Not only because I am a Network Marketer but also because it is a logical business model. I welcome new members into my Network on a regular basis but also like to help and support other Network Marketer’s through my articles.

Keeping negativity out of your Business is not a good idea, as much as we try to instill a positive attitude. Regardless of how you look at it people are going to say no more than they say yes in this industry.

As Network Marketer’s we can learn a lot from the story of the stone cutter. The stone cutter continues working not knowing if it will be the first, tenth or one-hundredth blow that will crack the rock. He doesn’t let the failed blows distract him from the end goal.

When building your Network Marketing business you need to do so with the mindset of the Stone cutter.

  • You need to start not knowing which person you talk to will say yes. The same as the Stonecutter bashes at his rock not knowing which blow will crack it.
  • You need to continue asking people even though you may have received many negative responses. The stone cutter’s arms get tired, but he keeps bashing at the rock knowing the desired blow is just around the corner.
  • When your networking efforts are rewarded with a successful representative sign-up you need to begin looking for your next representative while assisting your new recruit to begin to develop their business. When the Stonecutter finally splits the rock, he looks for another angle or a new rock to start cutting.

When we accept negativity as a necessary part of Network Marketing we can move through the steps without being stunned or put out by rejection.

Eric J. Smith is a seasoned Network Marketer with a passion for ethics in the industry. Eric is building a solid foundation in Miessence, an MLM business built on a solid moral and ethical foundation.

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