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How to Attract Customers in MLM Network Marketing

 Customers - Your MLM Lifeblood

The life-blood of any MLM Network Marketing business is customers, just like in any conventional business without customers you have no business. So how do you attract customers? Trying to "sell" your product or services to customers will more than likely result in failure. Conventional businesses spend thousands even hundreds of thousands on advertising their products or services, the big PLC's spend Millions! With MLM "advertising" is done by the distributors or partners - whatever your particular company chooses to call them - & so it's up to you to promote your product or services.
Focus on Helping
Your Focus should be on helping people and not selling to them. What are the benefits of your companies wares? If you are in the health business then how would your products benefit customers? Will they lose weight?, have more energy? become fitter & healthier? Do your wares help people to save money? If yes, then you should show them exactly how much. Whatever it is that the products you are supplying to your customer can do, should be what you focus on. Don't try & sell try to help! With this approach you will find that customers thank you for introducing them to your MLM Network Marketing product or service & they will see you as an advisor or helper and not a salesperson, this means that they are much more likely to buy from you again or recommend you to a friend, relative or neighbour.
Recommendations - A surefire Way to Grow Your Customer Base
As stated above if you help your customers rather than sell to them you will get recommendations, however DO NOT assume that customers will automatically give you names of friends, relatives or neighbours who they think would also benefit from your products or services. You MUST ask! Maybe you are thinking well, Doh! of course I will, but even the most experienced MLM'ers forget to ask for recommendations at the end of their appointments.
MLM Routine
You must make it part of your "routine" that at the end of every meeting as you stand up to leave, you say something like " well you have seen how much you are going to benefit from XYZ service/product" do you know anybody else who would also like to benefit".
Have your pen at the ready poised over a piece of paper or your diary, and say "I can take 4 names"... Don't say anything else just wait for the names. Even if they give you 4 say "that's great, any more". Do not leave the premises until you have at least a couple of names. If you do this as a routine, you will never ever have to make cold calls again!
Always Pitch the Business Opportunity.
After you have signed a customer (or made a sale) always remember to pitch ( I hate that word but can't think of a better one! ) your business opportunity. Say something along the lines of " Thanks for being a customer, I now feel morally obliged to tell you how the business works & how I get paid" Then run through your business opportunity the way you have been taught on trainings or by your up-line. I'm not sure about other MLM Network Marketing companies but the one I am involved with stats are; 1 in 4 customers go on to be a distributor/partner, so it's obviously well worth an extra 5-10 Min's of your time at the end of a customer meeting.
 Stephon Anderson is a professional network marketer dedicated to helping you achieve success in your network marketing business for more information visit:
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