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Take Less Action

Tony Robbins says that when you feel fear about doing something you should take massive action to overcome this fear.   I agree that massive action is sometimes necessary in order for people to overcome a blockage or negative belief system.  However, in America especially, action is extremely overemphasized.  Think about how many people take massive action everyday for minimal results.  What really is happening is the action creates the belief system that you're going to get what you want.  It's really about belief more than action because the action creates the belief that something good must come of all of this hard work.  


Again, hard work and action are tightly intertwined, with both being lauded and praised by our culture.  In my business, I always work on a clients belief system first through various holistic methods.  The better you feel the easier it is to believe anything is possible.  The more anything becomes possible, the easier it is to achieve external results in your business.  No one wants things handed to them as I don't deprive anyone of the action oriented work they often feel is the only way to achieve their results.  Yet, I compliment their belief system with one that is more mindset oriented and I give them an individually tailored plan to help them achieve this.  


One way that helps people change their beliefs is affirmations.  They sounds cheesy sometimes but the more you think something the more you say it and pretty soon all this thinking and saying leads to believing.  These beliefs lead to convictions and then watch out, the sky is the limit.


Another way to help erase limiting beliefs is to temporarily adjust ones diet.  Yes, it's true.  Food dramatically impacts how you feel.  It is being shown that shifts in gut bacteria occur everytime different groups of foods are eaten.  These bacteria in our intestines control levels of vital vitamins, hydration, and impact all of our hormones.  By establishing a genetically sound eating program you can optimize the way you feel and release old emotional programming on the cellular level through a diet that is created to keep your entire digestive thriving resulting in unstoppable well being and energy throughout the day.  


So changing your diet, combined with affirmations and other mental reprogramming methods helps you release the old programming while build a new one. Success is then guarenteed because you'll be feeling amazing on a consistent basis.  These feelings help inspire the right action at the right time to maximize the results you seek.  So, little action garners massive results.

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