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Why Most Internet Markerters/Affiliates Don't Make MONEY Online!

Often in the real world, you have to go to school to learn new skills, and to find a job and work very hard in order to make some money. Did you ever think things would work differently online?

I have identified the following reasons why most people fail online.

The first reason is due to the fact that two very important elements are missing: Skills and Hard Work.

Let's say you wanted to be a doctor and earn a lot of money. Without the proper skills and knowledge, do you think you can become one and make a satisfying income? No! Of course not!

Or say you're only working at McDonald's for an hour a day, or have a little booth at the mall that you work for one day a week. Can you expect to generate a 6-Figure income? No way!

More than likely you have acquired the necessary elements for making money in the real world. So the next thing to do is to make sure that you have those elements for your online ventures as well.  The truth is, you have to work your business.

You may complain that you do have the necessary skills, and have put in a generous amount of time into the opportunities you're in. But you still failed. You refer large numbers of people yet you don’t make money; and when you make money, it’s just little coins in your wallet. The question is: Why do you not make money in those programs in spite of your skills and hard work? Is it because those programs do not work? Or are they scams?

Here then is the second reason why most people fail online:

Less than 1% of people doing Home Based Business fail to make money  because most of these online businesses and their compensation plans are not geared towards their Associates/resellers/affiliates but rather towards lining the pockets of the company owners!

So in this case, what do you do? What you should do is this: 

Look out for a business with a good pay plan! Don't be like everyone else out there and use one of those cookie-cutter scripts that might be destined for failure in 6 months to a year down the road, and in which the business owners do not care whether or not you make money.

Of course there are just a few of such online businesses.  Make it your priority to evaluate and learn about all the businesses you may partner with.


Joseph Uzoma AKPARAWA

EZ Wealth Reseller/Independent Associate

Any online business I am involved in either has a good pay plan or is solidly established with a proven wealth system and a support system whereby members help each other to make money online.




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