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10 Tools and Tips to Get the Most Out of Gmail

Google mail is one of the most popular email accounts today that one can sign up to. But most likely, not everyone does know how to maximize having a Gmail account.


One reason behind is that Gmail often makes few adjustments. At first, it will get you frustrated not knowing how to go about these changes. But in time, you’ll love using your email account when you get used to the additional features.


To help ease your exploration with the different tools there are, here are some tips to guide you:


1.    Make Labels

Labels are so far one of the best features of Gmail. It lets your messages keep organized. This way, you can sort out emails depending on what labels they must be saved to. It will also be easier for you to look for them the next time.


2.    Use the Google Drive for Larger Files


Through this feature, you can easily share files with another Gmail account. Large files of up to 10 GB can also be attached in drives. See how useful this feature is?


3.    Explore the Labs


Surely, you still have some unexplored smart features or add-ons. One is called the “Canned Responses”. This helps avoid repetitive responses through creating certain templates. Then these will be inserted into the messages with just a couple of clicks.


4.    Use Your Calendar


A Gmail account is not only about sending or receiving emails. It will also help you be organized by making use of its calendar tool. Just like any organizer; you can add main events, important dates to remember, or upcoming activities.


5.    Make Use of Add-Ons


You can also extend the Google mail’s capabilities by making use of a few third party applications. For example, the Rapportive add-on which lets you participate on social media activities.


Another is Boomerang, which lets you schedule sending emails at a later time or mark one message important and needs to reply to.


6.    Activate Keyboard Shortcuts


Google has a total of fifty shortcuts to help search, browse, and manage your inbox quickly. You may need time to familiarize all of them, but once you do may never have to take your hands off the keyboard.


7.    Customize Your Email Add


Once you have a Gmail account, whatever additional characters inserted will not affect your email address. For example, is the same as This is a helpful feature when you need multiple accounts in social media sites.


8.    Power of the Stars


Do not underestimate the power of the stars. Important email messages must be marked with gold stars. These stars are also useful when filtering messages.


9.    Priority Inbox


One best thing about Gmail is to be able to filter very important email messages and put them on top. Also, you can delve to the Labs page then activate the Outlook Style Preview Pane or Multiple Inbox.


10.     Import Messages


It’s difficult to maintain or use different email accounts. But when you have a Gmail account, you can import other messages from other email accounts to your Google email. Just go to the “Settings”.  Then start to import mails after going to “Accounts and Imports tab”.


Today, Gmail is considered as the top email provider there is online.  Not only because it is well known, but also because of the so many features. These tools can definitely ease the use of an email account.


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