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Blogging-How To Resurrect and Old Blog Post

Bloggers who have been writing to their blogson a regular basis may have already accrueda long list of posts in their blog archives. In time, these posts become abandoned and actual rarely apprehend anymore. However, certain posts in the past may still carry a lot of relevance today. These posts may even hold the key to revitalize the entire blog, or access blog traffic, or boost the blogger's reputation. Here are five useful tips to bring relevant blog content out of retirement.


1. Know if to update


You shouldn't update:


-If blog agreeable have to angle as an official almanac or statement, to reflect your state of mind and personality at that particular time in the past.


- If the post is part of a corporate blog, as a accumulated certificate and a area of history that annals your organization's evolution.


You should update:


- If blog agreeable is inaccurate, or missing some important data not accessible during the time of initial writing.


-If post is allotment of an assessment blog, and as connected as you are accommodating to disagree with you own accomplished opinions.


- If links are broken, and no longer directs readers to the sites they initially referred to.


2. Amend with care.


Re-write the original. You can check the column totally, adding more details or subtracting irrelevant ones. But accurate that the aspect of the column does not abandon afterwards the re-write.


- Append to the original. Add a sub-head titled "Update" afterwards the aboriginal column and address your new ideas. You can keep on updating from here on by just appending new time-stamped updates.


- Fix torn links. Perhaps the referenced site is no longer up. Or the affiliate product you were referring to is no longer sold. Updating the links assure the continued usability of your post to readers.


3. Re-post the original


If the blog agreeable is not apprenticed by specific details like time, accident or people, you can directly re-post it again. Just be accurate that it is still actual accordant and accepted in accent and content, to be of amount to accepted readers.


4. Update-less reinvention


Key blog posts can accomplish use of touch-ups after accepting to re-without the content altogether. Here are some ways to do this.


- Re-tag. Some tags may complete "old" or no longer relevant to current situations. For example, "SEO" was an accepted tag then, but today SEO may be torn down to add specific tags such as "social media" or "link-building".


 - Reference in new posts. Create fresh posts that refer to the old post to support the topic or idea. Readers are again directed to the old post if they apprehend the new one.


- Comment. Check the comments area of your post and acknowledgement to commenters, to activate conversation.


5. Inter-link your blog posts. Spend some time to analysis your previous posts


-Find ways to hotlink accompanying posts with each other. From here on, make it an addiction to hotlink your new posts with accomplished ones. Here are the benefits of inter-linking your posts.


- Seek engine rankings. Seek algorithms favor links in determining ranking. This goes for both external and internal links. Internal links also help search bots index your site and rank it better.


- Usability. Readers get more value from an individual post that contains links to other useful or related posts, as a form of suggested or further readings.


-Visibility. Posts gathering dust in your archives are activated if users bang on them through lins from added posts.


As the blog owner, you can amend your blog posts in any way you anticipate best - from authoritative quick fixes to above overhauls. If you do so, just remember that readers should eventually benefit from the changes you fabricated to your blog content.


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