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What The Shuttle And MLM’s Have In Common

Over the years I have seen so many MLM companies pop up and at the same time see so many sink. Just like any business right. Being involved in quite a few MLM's myself I alway had the great privilege to witness other peoples actions and their approach to how this business should be done correctly. Sure there are many very successful MLM companies out their that stick to a very simple formula and have achieved amazing results with it. Like the good old saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it. But no matter what system is in place or what product it is, a very large percentage of people fail.

Now I'm not hear to say which product is better or which system is better, but rather give you my analogy on how I see the MLM industry and why it is a great business opportunity for many. Here is how l see it. A few years back I was very fortunate to get to see the Shuttle Endeavor take off from Cape Canaveral. An hour before take off I was looking at the shuttle through my binoculars and was amazed at how big and sturdy the platform was. It was huge.  Count down had begun and lift off it was and holly molly was it loud, I could not believe it was creating so much smoke, noise and energy. Then slowly it started leaving the dock, but it was so  slow to get going, I thought for a second it was going to fall, but it started to pull away slowly and gradually it started picking up speed. After about 30 second it really started to move and next thing it was so hard to see. Once we saw the booster rocket come off, it was bye bye. Then they were gone and on Auto pilot.

So how and why do I see MLM's the same way. Here it is my friends. Lets say the Shuttle is a product of a MLM company. Ok so what do we have, well we have a great product. But in order for our product to succeed we need a good foundation (Shuttles platform) without it the shuttle will fall or the MLM would fail in fact it would not get off the ground. Next thing is the shuttle needs fuel and lots of it. No Fuel No Fire and this my friends would be you marketing system and training.
So now it comes down to the countdown..five,four,three,two, one..lift off    arms leave the shuttle and your off marketing your new business, but there is no movement.

I am sure you can maybe see were I am going with this. MLM's are like the shuttle. They do work, but it takes effort. When the arms leave the shuttle for a brief moment it looks like it is about to fall over, but it is using up thousands of gallons of fuel and energy to get moving, but slowly it starts building up momentum and dumps the booster rocket, then the main fuel tanks getting rid of all the dead weight and is now flying super sonic. And the pilot just sits back and relaxes.
Same thing in MLM's. Find a company with a great product, great training and leadership and put in a 110% right out of the gate. It will be hard in the beginning, thousand of no's, but things get easier and I mean a lot easier, because you will soon be flying super sonic.

Buzz Light year said it best… to infinity and beyond

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