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Set Aside Time for Non-Urgent E-Mails

Every day you receive emails from various sources that are not urgent. Like, newsletters, or emails from friends. If you don't read these right away, after a few days, they become too many to deal with. Then they either clog up your Inbox or you delete them without reading them.


There are 3 things you can do to solve this problem:


1. Unsubscribe from those you can, like newsletters, newsgroups or social groups.


2. Set up rules in your email client (Outlook or Outlook Express) to send these emails to a special folder. (This is easy to do. Using Outlook Express: Just select 'Tools'. Then 'Message Rules' ? Mail … Then let your logic guide. Using Outlook: Select an email in your Inbox that you’d like to keep. Right-click on it. A menu will open up. Choose ‘Create Rule’. Again your logic will guide you.


The only problem with setting up rules is that you may never get to the emails and then that folder just fills up and you never read them anyway.


3. The best option is to set a time every day when you will read these emails. A good time is 10 minutes before the end of lunch. Come back into the office 10 or 15 minutes earlier to go through these emails from friends or groups. Answer them and then you can get back to work. If it is permitted, you could also do it 15 minutes before you leave the office. Either way, you will read those non-urgent, yet important emails that could become an overload if not managed.


Manage your emails wisely.



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