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Top 20 MLM Companies

I Found this article on  By Safari Rich on Friday, January 14th, 2011, and it is a good primer for all the new MLM entrepreneurs in the crowd, and some good rating information for all of you old-timers.


Enjoy!  - Harv Whitman

There are always people looking to change companies, join a new company, or wanting to see how they rank among the top  MLM companies (if they are even on the list). But, before I begin, let me tell you this: This is a NO RECRUITING ZONE! What that means is that you are not going to be pitched at the end about some other company or business that we think is best. This may truly be the only “neutral” top MLM company list. Also, to be clear, we use the term MLM to refer to any company that would also be considered multi-level marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, home-based business, or business opportunity.

The following criteria were used in determining the top 20 MLM companies: popularity, years in business, internet popularity, Google page rank, Alexa rank, and following Google trends (although this is not a strong factor). And, as a unique twist, we also take into consideration the companies that interact with our site as well as monitor five other sites that talk about mlm companies to know what is happening in their companies' news and how others rank sites… kind of our own personal ranking algorythm. We consider these to be the Best MLM Companies!

The Top 20 Companies

  1. Avon – beauty products, Pagerank 6, Alexa rank 3,500
  2. Herbalife – health and skin care products, Pagerank 6, Alexa rank 31,000
  3. Amway – health, beauty, and household products, Pagerank 6, Alexa rank 9,500
  4. Pre-paid Legal – legal services, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 14,900
  5. ACN – telecommunication services, Pagerank 6, Alexa rank 24,000
  6. Pampered Chef – household products, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 44,500
  7. USANA – nutritional products, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 15,500
  8. Mannatech – nutritional and skin care products, Pagerank 4, Alexa rank 70,000
  9. Xango – nutritional products, Pagerank 3, Alexa rank 62,100
  10. Mary Kay Cosmetics – beauty products, Pagerank 6, Alexa rank 21,000
  11. Nu Skin – beauty and nutrition products, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 16,500
  12. Tupperware – household products, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 43,000
  13. Arbonne – beauty products, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 56,600
  14. Tahitian Noni – nutrition and beauty products, Pagerank 4, Alexa rank 69,100
  15. Neways – nutrition and beauty products, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 118,500
  16. Scentsy – household products, Pagerank 4, Alexa rank 70,800
  17. Shaklee – health, beauty, and household products, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 83,100
  18. New Vision/Vemma – nutritional products, Pagerank 4, Alexa rank 31,400
  19. Forever Living – nutrition and beauty products, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 33,600
  20. Send Out Cards – greeting cards, Pagerank 5, Alexa rank 11,500


One of the other standards that we imposed on this list is that company must be at least five years old, although ten years old would be better. As we indicate throughout this site, we highly discourage the involvement in any company less than five years old due to the fact that 95% of all MLM companies do not make it to their fifth birthday.  Therefore, if a company is over five years old, you can count on that company being around a while.

A Quickee Overview Guide To This List

First of all, you will notice that of these 21 companies:

  • 11 companies are nutritional companies
  • 3 companies are beauty product companies
  • 3 companies are household product companies
  • 1 company is a legal services company
  • 1 company is a telecommunications company
  • 1 company is a greeting card company

Of these companies many of them have secondary lines of products that bridge the gaps (i.e. a health and beauty products company).

Regarding the Google Pagerank of a company. You will see that these companies range from a pagerank of 3 to 6. One reason that a company may have a lower pagerank (i.e. Xango) is that they have multiple websites and domains that customers go to. Many of them never use the primary site, and therefore the ranking is lower. This is just a factor, and can be somewhat subjective since there are many other factors than how Google ranks a web page.
Regarding the Alexa ranking, this generally refers to how much traffic a site is pulling in, competing with ALL websites out there, or all kinds. A ranking under 100,000 is very good, and Avon’s ranking of 3,500 is fantastic.

Not every business opportunity company is for everyone. Look around and see which one is best for you.  All of the links above are links straight to the company websites. There are no affiliate links or associate links involved – so you can invesitigate things on your own when you are looking for an MLM company to join.

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