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Precious Metal and MLM

Precious metals MLM companies seem to have been gaining speed in the multi level marketing industry in the last eighteen months. While this is not a a brand new idea, the recent attention to this business segment, has led many to examine whether or not this is a suitable business for them to participate in.

The renewed interest in gold and silver MLM opportunities continues to be fueled in great part by the growing economic uncertainty that is being experienced not just in the United States, but around the world. In the United States unemployment has remained high, consumer prices have skyrocketed and the housing market has collapsed with a resounding thud. To help combat these conditions the Federal Reserve has flooded the marketplace with new currency, creating never before seen levels of debt. The final product of these actions is a devaluation of the U.S. dollar and elevated concern about its viability for the future.

Failed currencies are not a new fear, but have been seen throughout recorded history. At the same time, history has proven that gold and silver are highly sought after commodities during these times. In reality, gold and silver are the true money that has fueled trade throughout the ages. It seems the need to own precious metals has never been more pronounced than it is now. It is from this need that the silver MLM concept has been able to gain great momentum.

When looking at precious metals many would at first look guess that the greater opportunities would lie with gold, since it has a higher market price. In reality, silver may have greater demand for a few key reasons. First of all silver has many industrial uses, especially for electronics market applications. Secondarily, because of the lower market price, silver offers greater flexibility in its use as a monetary instrument. Third and actually most significant is the fact that there is less above ground mined reserves than with any other precious metal. Simply put there is less usable silver available to the market place.

Now taking this one step further is the realization that much of the "owned" silver is owned on paper by using options and other financial instruments. Which means for every ounce of physical silver available in reserve, it has been leveraged multiple times over. Some reports put this leveraging ratio as high as 100:1. Which means for every ounce of physical silver, 100 ounces are "owned" on paper. This becomes an issue when the owners of these paper instruments decide to cash in for tangible silver. For the owners of physical silver, this creates an environment for their holdings to be highly sought after. This is where the real opportunity of a silver coins network marketing company begins to take form.

Silver MLM companies create two key opportunities for any serious network marketer. The first of these opportunities is simply the chance to buy precious metals on an ongoing basis as a hedge to inflationary pressure caused by the devaluation of currency. This is a tactic that is being encouraged and utilized by financial experts worldwide.

Secondarily is the ability to create business with a product that is being highly sought after in the marketplace. Many people believe that the accumulation of precious metals is a prudent strategy in light of the today's uncertain financial system. Building a precious metals MLM business answers consumer demand for these types of assets. Unlike other multi level marketing opportunities there is little need to persuade people that they need the product, nor is there a need to have to prove why your product is better than a similar product in the marketplace. The only convincing that needs to be done is that your business can put precious metals into the hands of your customers on a regular basis at a reasonable price. This will not only add to your customer base, but to your downline as well.

These are a few key reasons any serious network marketer should really be looking hard at the addition of a gold and silver MLM company ?to their? business lineup.


Carl Willis provides weekly training to teach you the skills and strategies of building a silver MLM business online.

Learning the fundamentals of a silver MLM company is critical to your success.

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