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Three Tested Ways to Make Facebook Work for You


Facebook is the central online social hub of today. To become effective in online marketing today, you must utilize this powerful social and business hub. The latest information I could find says that there are now than 800 million active users, More than 50% of these users log on to in any given day. The average Facebook user has 130 friends.

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

You need to know this also...
Only 3% of people that visit an average fanpage will come back. Only 3% of people that like your page will ever see the posts you make to your Facebook page wall. Those are alarming statistics, so you must make the most of every visit and post. These are the ways I have found that will help you also have success on Facebook.
You need an above average page!
This is free(or little cost), you don't need a domain name, you don't need hosting. Facebook hosts all of this.
This is a low cost way to get new fans, make new connections and help people with your product or service.

Three Big Ways To Use Facebook.

Post content to connect to people.
Engage with people, unique content. Pictures, articles, videos, links, questions, always give value.
Post content that will get people to like and comment. Facebook comments are even more valuable than likes.
This allows people to see what is important to them. 
Regular posts determine your presence on Facebook. 
How often should you post to your page, once a week minimum. Mix up the posts, add questions, photo or video.
Timing experiment which time is best to engage your audience.
Giveaways, whisper codes (discounts) freebies.
Here are some ideas on tabs that you can have on your page. Investigate and look at the most successful fan pages that you can search for and emulate what you see them using. Here are some examples..
Welcome Page
Convert Facebook likes to email leads. Use an interesting video and email opt-in on your page welcome page.
Information Page, peoples posts.
Products Page
Page that offers your prducts so people can buy from right within Facebook
Adding Youtube and Twitter Tabs to your Page

When people see their friends like items on your page they are two times more likely to engage and four times more likely to purchase.
Facebook has Pay Per Click ads, like ads and shared stories ads. Ads allow you to target by age, income, geographically. Write some different ads and split test, That means run the same basic ad and change the copy or picture and then use the one that performs the best!
NO COPY ADS.. simply rock!  Use the least amount of copy and target something people will click like. Here is an example of one of my latest that targeted a demographic that would be interested.
Click Like if you want to be healthier!
Micro Targeting the niche that needs Nopalea
Micro Targeting the niche that needs Nerve Formula
Use Free Classified Ad Sites
Sharing Technology
Share buttons allow people to share their favorite products with their friends.
The level of our engagement will determine the level of success of our Facebook pages. 
The journey is only one percent finished.
Any opportunity to allow customers to give their input is good.
1-800 Flowers case study. Use the Facebook like and share buttons on your pages and encourage people to use them. You can partner with other brands, people and organizations to help you do this. This will expand the reack of your posts and bring more traffic to your Facebook page and website.
Get fans for free.. put your Facebook page link on something that customers will see, receipts with  Facebook page. Add Facebook page link to letters.
Engage with your fans, ask questions, respond to comments. Develop a conversational calendar, use Facebook insights to see when people are viewing and interacting with your posts. 
Use a welcome page to have people like your page to get the benefit of the information on our page.
Best Facebook post practices
Keep it human
Be Timely and revelant
Share news and exclusive content
Encourage fan participation.
Have a scheduled time for Facebook page interaction.
I have more that I will be sharing here, to see an example of one of our optimized Facebook pages go to one of our TriVita Business Pages
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