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What Are The 4 Obstacles To Closing Sales?

The 4 Obstacles To Closing Sales







What Are The 4 Obstacles To Closing Sales?





There are several other reasons why the end game of selling is stressful and difficult, but there are a few that are most common.







Here are the 4 common obstacles that salespeople face when closing sales by Brian Tracy





Obstacle # 1 – Fear of Failure

  • Because of negative buying experiences in the past, over which you could have no control, prospects are conditioned to be suspicious, skeptical and wary of salespeople and sales approaches.
  • They may like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.
  • They are afraid of making a mistake.
  • They are afraid of paying too much and finding it for sale cheaper somewhere else.
  • This fear of failure, of making a mistake in buying your product, is the major reason why people object, hesitate and procrastinate on the buying decision




Obstacle # 2 – Fear of Rejection

  • The second major obstacle to selling is the fear of rejection, of criticism and disapproval experienced by the salesperson.
  • You work long and hard to prospect and cultivate a prospective buyer and you are very reluctant to say anything that might cause the prospect to tune you out and turn you off.




Obstacle # 3 – Customers Are Busy

  • They are overwhelmed with work and they find it difficult to make sufficient time available to think through your recommendations and make a buying decision.
  • This is why you need to maintain momentum throughout the sales process and gently push it to a conclusion at the appropriate time.




Obstacle # 4 – Inertia is Hard to Break

  • Customers are lazy and often quite comfortable doing what they are currently doing.
  • Your product or service may require that they make exceptional efforts to accommodate the change or a new way of doing things.
  • They perhaps recognize that they would be better off with your product, but the trouble and expense of installing it hardly seems to make it worth the effort.
  • They see no pressing need or urgency to stop doing what they are doing and start doing something else with what you are selling.





The good news is that everybody you meet has bought and will buy, new products and services from someone, at some time.



If they didn’t buy from you, they will from someone else.



You must find the way to overcome the natural physical and psychological obstacles to buying and then hone your skills so that you are capable of selling to almost any qualified prospect you speak to.




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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