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How to Become Successful in an Internet Business

Starting in the murky world of Internet businesses is definitely a challenge and do not let any one tell you it is not, especially some salesman type who is simply trying to get you in his/her down line and take your money.

There are so many businesses out there that it makes it confusing for a novice to know where to begin.  My advice is to do your due diligence and your research, and follow the advice of the leaders-- the ones who are making big bucks.

Join Facebook and see what people are saying; do a Google search any business you're interested in,  but of course there are a lot of naysayers who will denounce anything they can as many are failures in their own right.  That is their nature: they are negative.  You have to be you own person and not get pushed around, least of all by a pushy salesperson. Go to where you are attracted, and look for businesses that are heavy into ongoing training, especially of market skills.

There has been a definite shift away from buying leads and pushing the hell out of them. That is passé. The Law of Attraction prevails now. Follow what Mike Dillard has to say, one of the leaders in this field.  And you do not have to spend a lot of money.  

Join:  Facebook, Myspace, Youtube.  If you work these hard you will come out a winner. Look at what Norbert and Brian have to say about these social networks.  

Don’t get caught up buying a whole lot of extraneous sexy-looking gixmos which will “increase your options by a million a day”.  It's garbage most of it anyway.  Stick to a few things and master them first.  Then, explore these others after you have earned what makes you feel comfortable enough to experiment with something else.

The bottom line is if the product is good and well-presented you will be automatically attracted to them.  Remember the word "good," because good stuff attracts, while noise and glitz repels.

Listen to conference calls wherever you can to get a feeling for the philosophy and feel of the businesses you're researching.

Don’t follow the  “young machismo boy”  sitting in the seat of their new Maserati. The real successful leaders do not need these props; what they say and what you feel about them is what is important.

Oh yes, one other word of warning: Most stats that people give you about their successes and their companies' success is unadulterated “doggy-do”. The real leaders give you the “straight up” without any lies or exaggerations.

Michael Brooke

Michael Brooke lives in Victoria BC. He is now retired from a senior position at a University, and he has since been a corporate trainer in Leadership and Supervisory Training.  He has lived and worked in 4 countries and has degrees from University of Toronto and Cambridge.

Michael is now totally involved in Internet Businesses, Foreign Exchange trading as well as golf and other interests. While he is not an overnight success story, he has been in the Internet trenches for 5 years and finds pleasure in passing along what he's learned to beginners.

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