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I'm Not Average,Neither Are You
Are we the average of our 5 Closest Friends ???...If so, we have some Questions to ask & decisions to make1 Am I happy with where I'm at2 Do I want to improve my situation.3 Do I love my Friends unconditionally4 When asked for help, what is my response5 Am I suprised/annoyed when their...
STOP procrastinating and Eat That Frog!
That’s right, you heard it! Eat. That. Frog….. STOP the procrastinating!This post is based on the book by Brian Tracy, “Eat That Frog”. 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time.Most people are over-whelmed with too much to do and too little time. It can be...
What Price Are YOU Willing to Pay to Ignore YOUR Passion?
Is life is too short to waste 40+ hours a week working at something you don’t like?Then maybe it's time to “Fulfill Your Passion” … and start to earn a living doing what you love the most, no matter what it is!Like most people, your parents probably told you to do two things growing...
Fear - How To Conquer It Forever.
Fear is, in my opinion, the number one reason people fail. Fear keeps people from starting on the road to success because of their fear of the unknown. When looking at a new project, they are fearful of what they can’t for see happening and their supposed lack of ability to handle those...
Reaching Your Goals
Reaching your Goals isn’t really complicated, but it isn’t always easy. Simplistically, there are just a few steps to achieving goals that, when followed exactly, will result in success. But, the Know-Do gap, or the distance between knowing something and actually doing it,  is sometimes...
How to Create the Right Momentum in Your Business Article Source
When you are starting a business, the most important thing to do is to create a momentum. If you have the right momentum you will attract more people on your business, overcome laziness and impatient. Without it you will just flounder around like a bottle on the sea, no direction...
The Ups & Downs of the MLM Business
All of us at some point in our MLM experience has had ups and downs. We have encountered problems and have also endured good times.  How many of us has actually sat back and recalled the first time that they first encountered the industry of MLM?  Do you remember what you were...
Why Does Success Depend On Your Why?
How Does MLM Success Depend On Your WHY? Historically the survival rate in Network Marketing has not been good! MLM Success has not been a walk in the park. The simple and sad truth is that when the going gets tough - most people quit! The business is evolving and new methods embracing...
Making Profits by Making Meaning in the Business
Everyone has a purpose or reason for doing the things they do. One cannot act mechanically or absent-mindedly or else, the individual will be reduced to a robot. This holds true in everything that people do. This is even especially crucial for people who engage in activities that deal with...
Have You Forgotten The Reasons You Began Your MLM Business??
 Today, my friend Shawn and I were speaking about our business endeavors, including our respective MLM business activities. In our conversation, we focused in on how the small business person can quickly lose sight of the bigger picture. Let's be realistic. Many a distributor has...

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