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Color Your Way To Success!
 Just before hitting the sack last night, I decided to open my Facebook chat and get to know someone in there that I hadn't the pleasure of getting to know just yet.So it was I opened a channel with a very interesting 21 year old college student.He replied immediately to my "Hello, how...
How to teach your downline to get appointments.
A few years ago I had lunch with my friend, Chris. Why? Because I believe in taking experts to lunch and finding out exactly what they do and say to build their businesses. Chris shared this story with me:  *** I wanted to go to Chicago and help my group grow. I was talking to one of my...
"Let Me Think About it for Awhile"
When you talk to prospects, many of them will want to think it over, look at 100 more programs, compare ingredients, evaluate compensation plan nuances, and never make a decision. Want to change that frustration? Maybe say: "It is easy to look for a business. We can surf the web,...
". . . My MLM Program Just Isn't Working Out . . . "
 "My MLM program just isn't working out. They don't have this, and this, and this and the company doesn't do this, this, and this. Can you recommend a good MLM opportunity for me to join?" I get a lot of phone calls and conversations like this. I normally recommend that the...
How to Sell Organs
I often talk about reverse marketing as a great way to build your business. Here is an example of reverse marketing. Hopefully it will get you to think about how you can use this technique to get more qualified, pre-sold prospects into your business. Not a lot of people wake up one morning...
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