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I'm Not Average,Neither Are You
Are we the average of our 5 Closest Friends ???...If so, we have some Questions to ask & decisions to make1 Am I happy with where I'm at2 Do I want to improve my situation.3 Do I love my Friends unconditionally4 When asked for help, what is my response5 Am I suprised/annoyed when their...
5 Magnets to Attract Clients
Chances are you know things that others would like to learn. If you get that information out of your head and onto your website, it will give you a great magnet to attract leads to your website and help give you power by positioning you as an expert in your niche. What is a magnet? It is...
What Is iPad's Role In Cloud Computing?
What Is iPad's Role In Cloud Computing? The iPad has certainly increased awareness and popularity of tablet computing, but where does it fit into the real of virtual office technology and cloud computing? Is it a “one size fits all” solution to field sales and service...
Using a Professional Voice Studio to Grow Your Business and Enhance Your Company's Image
Using a Professional Voice Studio to Grow Your Business and Enhance Your Company's Image  Having your greetings and on-hold messages delivered by a professional voice talent can enhance your company’s image and make you sound just like a Fortune 500 company. You can either have...
Send and Receive Faxes 24/7 Without a Fax Machine
Send and Receive Faxes 24/7 Without a Fax Machine Running a Direct Marketing or MLM business nowadays can be simplified when you can send a “Fax on Demand” to your prospects. Now you can send and receive faxes around the clock—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—without...
Promote Your MLM and Direct Marketing Business While Customers or Prospects Are on Hold
Promote Your MLM and Direct Marketing Business While Customers or Prospects Are on Hold With a virtual office and PBX system you can go well beyond music on-hold and actually promote your business while callers are waiting to be connected to speak to you or your representative. On-hold...
One Simple Phone Number Instead of Three Separate Numbers
One Simple Phone Number Instead of Three Separate Numbers A Virtual Office and PBX offers you the benefits of a single toll-free or local business number to make things ultra-simple for you—and for anyone trying to reach you! And, in many instances, if you already have a toll-free number,...
Why Get a Personal Toll Free Telephone Number For Your Direct Marketing or MLM Business?
 The Number One reason why you should have your own personal, dedicated Toll-Free Number is Credibility. Having a toll free telephone number shows your potential prospects and customers that you are a Professional—with a capital “P”! In today’s competitive business environment,...
Custom-Made Prospecting and Lead Generation System for Network Marketers
Many Network Marketers, Direct Marketers, and Internet Marketers are constantly looking for tools that will help make prospecting for new distributors and communicating with their teams easier and more efficient.  Virtual Office and PBX technologies might be what they need to make that...
Multi-level Marketing- Nice Or Naughty?
Multi-level marketing, network marketing, direct marketing or contact marketing are all names for the same distribution system.For that is what MLM is: A distribution sytem, a way of getting goods or services into the hands of the consumer.As with all things human, MLM takes on the views of the...
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