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STOP procrastinating and Eat That Frog!
That’s right, you heard it! Eat. That. Frog….. STOP the procrastinating!This post is based on the book by Brian Tracy, “Eat That Frog”. 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time.Most people are over-whelmed with too much to do and too little time. It can be...
7 Life Changing Decisions You Can Make Today!
I used to think changing your life required big, tangible actions…things you could see and hear and feel.But I was wrong.The important changes don’t happen outside – they happen in our heads. First we decide, then we act.So today I wanted to offer 7 decisions you can make, right now, that...
Small Daily Goals
It is very difficult to see your way to a certain end goal. If you know that you want to be financially free for instance, how do you get there?You might already have understood the mechanisms that eventually should get you there, but whole package may seem a way too big a mountain to master.So...
Setting Goals The Correct Way For Your 2011 Marketing Campaigns
At the start of any project you need to sit yourself down to plan your attack. You need to set yourself a timetable with goals to hit by your specified dates. I'm sure everyone would write a checklist but without a timeline to work to things can easily be pushed to the side or even slip...
Start Living a More Meaningful Life
Start Living a More Meaningful Lifeby Tom Heckman Too many of us live like goldfish, swimming in the same orbit day in and day out feeling uninspired, tired, bored and sometimes worse. Life is much too precious to waste that way. Every person has a unique purpose in life. I implore you not...
Decide to Be Decisive!
Success and fulfilling deep happiness is the result of intentional, pre-meditated use of choice and decision.  Unless you choose with resolute certainty what it is you want, by default you resign yourself to accepting table scraps at the big banquet of life.  The world is plump with...
Are You Driving Your Business?
If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out ofbusiness.? ~ B. C. ForbesTake 10-15 minutes every day and ask yourself, ?What am I doingspecifically to drive my business??In order to truly drive your business you must have three keys:1. You must have a compelling strategy2. You...
Take the First Step
Take the First Step Martin Luther king said, ”You don't need to see the whole staircase. You just need to see the first step.”We all start at the same point, at the beginning of our journey.  Every entrepreneurial journey begins with a single step – the staircase goes forward and...
What It Takes To Become A Leader
Do you get frustrated at work or at home because nothing ever gets accomplished? Do you feel that the goals you set remain stationary, and there is no movement in your life? Most people are content to play follow the leader and do nothing, but at the same time you have a bigger desire to push...
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