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How To Have Successful Flagship Content
Successful Flagship Content      What You Must Know For Your Own Successful Flagship Content    Your killer content will be your own, unique, valuable creation.       1.  Be Remarkable If you want to be...
How To Create Killer Flagship Content
What You Should Know About Flagship Content      Why Use Flagship Content On Your Blog?    What is your blog known for?   Is there anything that you could point to that your blog really owns?      What...
Are You Connecting With Your Audience?
5 Tips To Grab Hold Of Your Audience      How To Grab Hold of Your Audience and Keep Their Attention   Are You Connecting With Your Audience?  If you’re simply writing “for” your targeted audience without fully grasping how to engage...
Tips For Your First Blog
 Tips for your first blogSo you finally gave in and you are now inspired to create and now ready to write your first blog entry. Now what?,  what exactly should you blog about?.  Well the first obstacle you want to cross is creating a catchy title. Something that will attract the...
Business 101: Performing a S.W.O.T. Analysis
 The S.W.O.T analysis helps owners and managers better understand the firm’s capabilities and resources.By: Josh DruckPerforming a S.W.O.T analysis for your small business is one of the simplest yet most effective tools in gauging a business’s value and overall preparedness for...
Strategic Marketing Segmentation & The 6 Consumer Segments
 By: Josh DruckMarketing Segmentation & The 6 Consumer SegmentsSegmenting markets is a foundation for superior business performance. Understanding how buyers’ needs and wants vary is essential in designing effective marketing strategies. Segmenting markets may be critical to...
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