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Duplication Is The Key To Success
Understanding The Business of DUPLICATION  You don't have to go out and "sponsor the world" to make a lot of money. "Two Times Two is Four"(Start by multiplying out "2 x 2 equals 4" and multiplying down as shown below.)  2 x2 -------- 4 x2 -------- 8 x2 --------...
How to Use Cheap, Tacky, Homemade Signs to Earn Fast Profits in Your Network Marketing Business
Have you ever notice those cheap, tacky, home-made signs that advertise MLM programs and products?You know the signs I'm talking about. The signs that are illegally posted on street corners, sign posts, telephone poles and curbs. These signs usually read like:"Lose 30 lbs. in 30 days. Call...
Which Method Works Best for Prospecting?
Don't blame the method.    "Advertising doesn't work."   "Direct mail doesn't work."   "Internet marketing doesn't work."   "Cold calls don't work."   "Opportunity meetings don't...
How to Get Your Prospect's Instant and Favorable Attention
Politicians use it. Newscasters use it. Advertisers use it. Shouldn't you?  What am I talking about? I'm talking about "sound bites." What are sound bites? They are just little bits of the conversation that stand out in the prospects' minds -- and these bits of...
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