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Golden Rule of Network Marketing
Zig Ziglar's alludes to the Golden Rule of network marketing often. The Golden Rule: "You Can Have Everything In Life You Want If You Will Help Enough Other People Get What They Want."For long-term success to be yours in network marketing, you must work with the Golden Rule philosophy....
NEGATIVE TALK Never Goes Downline!
NEGATIVE TALK Never Goes Downline!NEGATIVE TALK Never Goes Downline!Helllo my friends, To day we are going to be talking about TALK. In particular "Negative Talk". The dictionary decribes the word "negative" as:"lacking positive qualities; especially : disagreeable  : marked by features of...
Need a little help motivating your distributors?
Get help. Engage the spouse to provide consistent day-to-day motivation for your distributor.How? Back in the 1950s, one company had a contest for the salesmen to find new accounts. All of the salesmen were male. The grand prize for opening 20 new accounts was a full-length mink coat for the...
What The Shuttle And MLM’s Have In Common
Over the years I have seen so many MLM companies pop up and at the same time see so many sink. Just like any business right. Being involved in quite a few MLM's myself I alway had the great privilege to witness other peoples actions and their approach to how this business should be done...
3 MUST HAVE Tools to SUCCEED in Your "Network Marketing" Business!
3 MUST HAVE Tools to SUCCEED in Your "Network Marketing" Business!The 3 MUST HAVE Tools that you NEED to succeed in your internet business. There are actually more than 3 but these are the BIGGIES! Hello again, Today we are going to be talking about the 3 MUST HAVE Tools that you NEED to...
Are You Driving Your Business?
If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out ofbusiness.? ~ B. C. ForbesTake 10-15 minutes every day and ask yourself, ?What am I doingspecifically to drive my business??In order to truly drive your business you must have three keys:1. You must have a compelling strategy2. You...
5 Questions of Leadership
Recently I was on Facebook trying to figure out what I was going to post to the world and I thought of five questions that I am asked often about leadership.This article gives a short answer to each of these important questions. Along with some of the response I got back from the world of...
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