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 Check out the Elite Consultant Ultimate Marketing System Package:

Every Salesperson or Marketer should see this:
This package is dynamically the single most powerful tool ever offered as a turnkey marketing solution for teams. This system will supply you a fully "White Labeled¨ Video Email, Video Conferencing and branded marketing system. When you roll this out into your organization every member of your team will have the ability to use this system to explode their business.
You will be given a member management area allowing you activate unlimited accounts under your White Label system! These accounts will be full featured for 60 days with access to a shared library of templates, graphics, videos and other items you make available in your organization. Upon completing the 60 day demo of the system they will be invoiced from a third party billing company if they choose to keep using the video communication suite.
Here Is What You Get:
1) Complete White Label Back Office for Video Email and Video Conferencing
2) 1 Custom Designed Video Email Template branding whatever personal or professional image you like.
3) Complete shared library accessible by your entire organization. Share video email templates, videos and files without paying for additional storage.
4) Complete automated White Labeled video training system.
5)  No system messages from WowWe or anyone within the organization making sure your team will only see the branding and messages you elect to send to them.
6) Your Elite Consultant position will be placed into our company¡¦s matrix compensation plan. Once your team has completed their 60 day demo period they will be asked if they want to continue with the service. They will be invoiced from a third party provider at $20.00 per month for complete use of the system. You will be paid a residual commission for as long as they remain a customer.
7) No contract is required for your Elite Consultant Position or any user you activate in your White Label.
8) You will be provided a live support team during business hours that will not reference WowWe.
9)  Account management can be assigned to multiple system administrators to manage account creation.
Setting Up The System:
1) Create A Pro Package Purchase from your referring Affiliate.
      o System Cost: $175 One Time Setup Fee
      o Monthly Cost: $20
2) Complete the Account Setup Consultant Form and submit to corporate.
3) Your account will be activated within 48 Business Hours.
Get your White Labeled System here at
Contact me with any questions at 631-838-7790
To Your Success,
Bill Schall
Phone: 631-838-7790
Get your *Fr*ee* Video Email account here: 
The Team Creates Success for All!!!
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Darin Myman, President & CEO of PeopleString Corp, To Appear On Bloomberg TV's "Taking Stock With Pimm Fox" 5:30 PM EDT, Friday, May 6, 2011
RED BANK, N. J., May 5, 2011: -- Darin Myman, president and CEO of PeopleString Corporation (OTCBB: PLPE), is scheduled to appear on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox" at 5:30 PM EDT, Friday, May 6, 2011, to discuss the recent launching of PeopleString's new PeopleDeals, a social coupon platform that allows merchants to launch real-time social media marketing campaigns and, through its shareItUp feature, offer deals that grow in value as they are shared via social networks, email or text. The platform leverages the power of social media, mobile applications and email, allowing merchants to connect directly with their target consumers and create customized deals that best fit their unique business needs. PeopleDeals’ proprietary shareItUp feature incentivizes customer loyalty by increasing the value of deals as they are shared. PeopleDeals exists as a stand-alone web portal and Facebook application, with mobile applications on both the iPhone and Android operating systems launching in the coming weeks. Businesses can try PeopleDeals for free at About PeopleStringPeopleString Corporation (OTCBB: PLPE) creates techno logies that empower consumers to leverage their social networks to capitalize on the best national and local deals. PeopleString's patent pending "shareItUp" technology harnesses the power of social media to create coupons that go up in value when shared and rewards loyal customers who share their favorite merchants with others. PeopleString also offers patent pending "Insta Portal" technology which allows users to import pieces of their favorite websites into their own PeopleString homepage. For more information, visit and
Forward-Looking StatementsStatements about the future expectations of PeopleString Corporation, and all other statements in this press release other than historical facts, are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. PeopleString Corporation intends that such forward-looking statements shall be subject to the safe harbors created thereby. Since these statements involve certain risks and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, PeopleString Corporation's actual results could differ materially from expected results.
This program is on many cable channels and satellite as well, but you can also get it online by going to
PeopleString Marketing Depart ment
PeopleDeals is division of PeopleString Corporation
157 Broad Street • Suite 109 • Red Bank, NJ 07701 • 732.741.2840 •

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PeopleString Corporation invites you to attend a web cast
covering the details on our "PeopleDeal MarketPlace";
Wednesday, February 23rd @ 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific Time.  

Join PeopleStrting Corporation and its C.E.O. Darin Myman for a
full preview of a powerful marketing program that is sure to gain a great deal
of interest from a lot of small to medium size businesses as well as
from many "Home Based" businesses.

PeopleString Corporation has realized that it could very well have
the very best electronic enterprise being released into a very hot sector
known as "Social Group Selling".

As such, effective @ midnight Tuesday,  February 22nd this center piece technological
platform will be adjusted in price for all Pre-Registrations going forward until
the launch of th e "PeopleDeal MarketPlace".  

The current Pre-Registration price will be going to $350 for a Lifetime
 and then to $649 a year once launched. 

Register for PeopleString's "PeopleDeal Marketplace"  Web Cast  below:

Wed, Feb 23, 2011 9:00 PM Eastern Time / 6 PM Pacific Time 


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