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It’s no secret that the success of your direct selling business depends on the quality of your distributors. But there is a problem: Distributors are not prepared for today’s environment. Today, customers want more than just product features; they want to know how it will help them solve their problems and make their lives better. And because selling products isn't enough anymore, network marketing companies need to build out their sales enablement capabilities


A successful distributor is one who maximizes their own productivity and the productivity of their team. It's not easy to do this when working with a group of people that have different levels of skills, knowledge, and motivation. One way to overcome these challenges is by benchmarking individual distributor performance against other distributors in your network marketing organization using an activity comparison report. This report will help identify gaps in knowledge and skill so direct selling entrepreneurs can assign micro-learning tasks or peer-to-peer learning activities.

With customizable reports, distributors can have access to intelligent insights on sales cycle duration and success rates. Network marketing entrepreneurs can extract revenue forecast reports that predict turnover and growth rate with ease. Track individual sales activities like emails, product demos, calls or events through activity reports. Also, analyze and derive successful workflow patterns to implement effectively across teams with these powerful tools.

The increasing customer expectations is making it hard to maintain a competitive edge. With the increase in demand, most direct selling businesses are using content management systems to create and distribute sales content efficiently. Direct selling entrepreneurs have provided AI-powered content management system that would satisfy customers.

Customers today are more informed and connected than ever before. With the number of customer touchpoints increasing, it’s important for direct selling companies to ensure that each one is as meaningful as possible. This can be achieved by engaging these customers with exclusive rewards and loyalty programs. These programs give customers an incentive to stay loyal to your brand while providing them with exclusive offers on your products or services. 



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