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Socialize in TOTAL privacy. Get ur 3 profiles, FREE today! 24 hour info!
Created: 11 year(s) ago
Ladies & Gents:

I created this event so as for you to have 24 hour access to the info:

What makes this social site different from all the other Social Media Sites!

It's a Social Media Site with Profit Sharing!
Unlike Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Linked-in; they share the wealth – returning 55% of their revenue to its Members and 5% to Charities.


1. PRIVACY: They allow you to set up to 5 separate profiles: friends, family, blogging, professional and dating. No more do you have your family wrapped into all our business in the social world. We have not seen a site that has created so many privacy options for their members. This ability to separate and choose who sees what posts is worth the FREE enrollment alone.

2. WIDGETS are the future of social networking! You are able to customize your favorites with portal features that are clean and simple. So whether you want to load the normal Facebook or Twitter or have far more choices like CNN, Yahoo, New York Times (and more), you can now do this all from your this account. Your browser is faster with just one TAB.

3. UNLIMITED # OF FRIENDS – The ability to invite your friends and build without restrictions. In Facebook, you have to turn away people when you quickly approach the 5,000 threshold. You are not restricted as to how many connections you are allowed. In just under 5 months, we have 70,000 members that have joined! Can you imagine in a year from now HOW big this site will be? The front runners in social site will have the potential to have MILLIONS in their connections.

4. EARN: OK, bottom-line, Facebook and Twitter - in fact, most social sites – (unlike this site) do not pay you for inviting your friends! Question is “Do you want to earn from inviting your friends OR are they going to earn by inviting you?

5. SIMPLE, CLEAR and ADVANCED technology: They had the brilliance to combine forces with one of the world’s best web developers - ApogeeInvent. Apogee already has to their credit 5, Inc. 500 sites – Our site will be their 6th!

6. BLOGGING: You get a complete integrated public blogging profile. In May 2010, there will be a video component loaded for your blog.

7. SHOPPING: Coming in JUNE! They are including an innovative, first of its kind global shopping mall. It’s a multi-vendor shopping platform that will be smoothly integrated into the social platform. Nearly 1,000 stores to shop from and also save up to 20%. All members will earn from the shopping platform.

24 hour info and webinars, this is also our training site:

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Happy Socializing in Total privacy,
Debra DeYarmon