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5 tips to use to grow your Network Marketing busin
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Posted 8:58 PM Wed 20 January 2010

I want to share with you 5 tips to use to grow your Network Marketing business. Network Marketing is not as difficult as you think, there is plenty of information that you can learn from other network marketers to achieve success just incase your upline is not helping you.

Here are 5 tips to use, if you put them in action you can start to grow your business.

1. Leverage yourself you don't always have to pay for something to make money, yes spending a little money once in a while is not bad as long as your putting it in the right tools. There are plenty of free sites where you can market your business, Myspace, Facebook etc..

2. Use article marketing to your advantage, writing articles can be alot fun and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to write one. Choose a topic that you are knowlegable about and start to write, make sure when you write an article that your clear and to the point. You can go to AritcleBase, Ezine, Blogger.

3. Blogging is another tool to use to market your business it's free many Network Marketers use blogging to thier adavantage because many people are searching the internet to a specific topic. For example Work From Home if you where to search that topic there are millions of people who are looking to work from home, choose a topic and start blogging.

The cornerstone of your Social Media strategy is your Blog. All of your social media activities should be organised to link back to your blog. Your profiles on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter should include a link back to your blog. Articles, YouTube videos, Podcasts should all include a link to your Blog.

4. I can't tell you enough how a short video can bring in alot of business, but there is a catch to it instead of just doing any video make sure it is structured. If your going to share your video make sure that your straight and to the point your video should not be any longer than 3 to 4 min long and make sure you are giving valuable information.

5. Use forum to increase business, but I will caution you when your in a forum don't just start to promote your business that is a HUGE NO NO take the time to be apart of the forum and leave a good feed back. Build relationships and give back by offering good content and valuable information.

I will be posting more tips to grow your business in the mean time enjoy these 5 tips

Much Sucess!


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Posted 4:37 PM Sun 7 February 2010

Hey Abraham!

Great tips!

There are definitely a lot of free or close to free ways of promoting your business. Social Networking has leveled the playing field.

Looking forward to more articles!

Live the Dream!

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Posted 12:02 PM Sat 24 April 2010
Thanks for sharing the tips. Social networks have become the place to create relationships and cultivate your business.
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Posted 4:44 PM Sat 1 May 2010
Thanks for the post. there are a lot of free ways to grow your business.
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Posted 6:31 PM Mon 14 February 2011

All good ideas, for new network marketers in particular who have yet to learn the in's & out's of the business.