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Construction guy needs help/guidance with MLM
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Posted 9:54 AM Sun 18 August 2019
Zero experience when it comes to promoting on social media and online sites. I would appreciate some tips on how to reach out to people on the internet to promote a new business opportunity.

Im tired of working really hard every day as a construction worker and making very little money. I want to try a multi level marketing opportunity for extra income.

I was made aware of this opportunity by a friend who's really well connected but my problem is I don't know a lot of people, or how to reach new prospects on the internet without looking like a spam message. What are some good free sites, forums, blogs or social sites to reach out to lots of potential associates and get them to watch a short video presentation?

I'm convinced that this new business has tons of potential. They say timing is everything in the MLM world and this business is exactly that. Launched by an Icon in the MLM industry, it has only been around since March 2019 but already is ranked in the top 10 fastest growing company in the world. They say a big shift in the travel industry is about to happen. There's an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and I don't want to say in a few years, I wish I would have. .

If any of you successfully MLM people could share some of your knowledge that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Mike Rainville