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Las Vegas Ebook Master ....
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Posted 7:19 PM Sun 14 July 2013

Hi everyone,

I have been a member here for quite a while. This is the first time I really took the time to introduce myself.

My name is Don, I have lived in Las Vegas since 1977. What do I do... I write success manuals, in ebook (PDF) formal sharing successful ways for others to build very large organisations. everyonewants to know ways to grow overnight, and these ways exist! You can be the only person in your group on Sunday. Next Saturday you can have 5,,000 in your organiation. Its geometrical growth can be absolutely beyound belief. Some of these things you may already know but you have never tried new ways of presenting them. You do not have to be a salesmaster. Actually, its better if you are just a regular guy or gal. If your company is international in scope, then how to be ready for the growth there as well. Are you the only person in a one stop light town, or do you live in cities with tens of thousands of people... you can do it! Growing worldwide is not difficult. I have shown others how to do it, and am happy to share the low cost ebook as well.

I am a boring guy by Las Vegas standards. I enjoy the shows with my wife. Out of my choice I don't smoke, drink or gamble and love my friends that do so. :) I mind my own business (quite well I might add) and help others to achieve their goals and dreams. Yes, thye house and cars are paid off, the last of the kids is graduating college here shortly in CA. I am a lucky man. More blessed than anything.

I am not money oriented. It seems to come in truckloads tho. Perhaps it is because people are more important than things. Plus, I really dislike a money grubber. I'd rather love my grandkids and play with their little toes than worry about the cost of the socks that the toes fit in. :)

I'll give you my personal email address. It is Drop me an email. I'll send you information on the low cost ebook for success. No obligation and your email address is secret. Take care, and focus on what is important in your heart. :)

Don, Las Vegas

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Posted 1:50 PM Wed 13 November 2013
[User Deleted]
Posted 2:32 PM Mon 25 November 2013

Nice to hear what you do, Don,

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Posted 7:11 PM Sun 20 April 2014
awesome let's connect
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