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Financial Literacy Coach
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Posted 3:17 PM Mon 25 November 2013

Hello everyone my name is Jefferson L. Clay II. have come back to MLMSocial. I am from Detroit, MI currently I reside in Atlanta. I have a passion to help people. I am involved with Organo, FES, which is a Nationwide Credit Restoraton Tool, and lastly I am providing traffic or customers to your Home Base Business

I love bowling, reading, going to the movies and more. Also, meditating on the Art of Personal Development

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Posted 4:38 PM Wed 5 February 2014
Hi Jefferson,

Just browsing through the forum since I am snowed in today here in Connecticut. Came across your post and thought I would make a post.

I drink the OG black coffee. Great stuff. OG has the only green tea that does not upset my stomach.

I see that you are into generating traffic. Would you be interested in a complete marketing system that will build a verified SMS list? Can be used to build online and offline businesses.

Let me know and I will send the information to you.

Mike Marley
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Posted 7:09 PM Sun 20 April 2014
awesome let's connect
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