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Not Prospecting Anymore
[User Deleted]
Posted 7:57 AM Thu 24 December 2009

Hello Everyone,

I am very pleased to have found this social site, as many of us are trying to already find each other on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. I am a work at home mom and have built my own business from my computer... and through the art of connection. Making connections with people via the web can be quite challenging, just like making one on one personal connections can also be challenging.. and in MLM, it is all about the art of making connections, right?

It can be difficult to make connections via the net, as we can't look eye to eye and learn from facial or body gestures. However I have learned how to take the time and make the right moves to make the right connections via the net. It is more challenging than people realize when they first start out using the internet to leverage their business. Very.. actually. What is more interesting is that I have learned how to go from prospecting to not prospecting and I enjoy my work even more now!

I am thrilled to be here and share my work with all of you.. If you need some help, just give a shout. I am here for you.. as I have been through it and have stopped spinning my wheels. Read one of my latest blogs on how I cam to stop spinning my wheels:

Please visit me... learn why I am a bit different from the rest..

Lots of Love this Holiday Season,

Melissa Mitchell

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Posted 2:17 PM Fri 25 December 2009
Hi Melissa,
Thanks for introducing yourself. I look forward to learning more about you through reading your blogs!
Laura Track
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Posted 9:17 PM Mon 28 December 2009
Hi Melissa,
Checked out your site. Very nice. I'll be visiting more again.

Have a Happy New Year, I'm really excited about MLMSocial.

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Posted 2:01 PM Tue 29 December 2009
Hi Melissa,
I'm a work from home mom too :)

I have 2 for just random mom stuff

and another called Parent Guide 101 to help parents

Great to meet you!

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