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Posted 10:19 PM Tue 24 January 2017
Working Towards My Goal

I am in my 70s and have always had a goal of being a millionaire.

I have not been able to reach that goal yet, but that's OK. The reason I am OK with that is because I was lacking some basic skills that I needed to achieve my dream. I did not have a mentor who could help and give me more guidance.

I have had success in every venture I have been in, and provided well for my family. Only there was two things that stopped me from reaching my goal and they are,
1.A fear that people would not accept me for who I was.

2. A mind full of negative thinking.

Now I am in the process of eliminating those two negatives , so I will be able to achieve my dream.

It's my desire to help you grow and prosper.

Earl Baldwin

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Posted 6:28 PM Thu 16 February 2017
Hey Earl! I have a business partner who's 72... You can make that dream happen!
This post has been deleted.
This post has been deleted.
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Posted 8:57 PM Sat 17 November 2018
Hi hope all is well...