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Hello my new friends I'm Eric
[User Deleted]
Posted 10:12 PM Fri 25 December 2009

Hello my friend,

I'm tell you about my background. My name is Eric Burnett and I'm a Internet Marketing Specialist, I Teach Entrepreneurs how to Market & Grow there Online Business and become a Top Earner in any business that your currently Involved in. Just an FYI(I'm not here to get you to join my business). I've been in the Industry for 6+yrs, and I've achieved great things in this MLM/Network Marketing Industy. Now I want to give back and show people what Most Network Marketers will Never Know. I'm Here to Mentor & Coach anyone that needs to add a punch to your existing business. Much Success, Eric Burnett
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Posted 8:39 PM Sat 26 December 2009

Hi Eric,

I'm so happy to learn more about you. Thanks for your gracious offer to Mentor and Coach anyone who needs help.

See you around on the site!


[User Deleted]
Posted 9:17 PM Sat 26 December 2009

Thanks for the response Laura. I love to help people succeed and I love to give back. I look forward to sharing ideas & networking with you in this upcoming yr.

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Posted 11:25 AM Mon 28 December 2009
Oh, thank you so much Eric. I can use all the ideas and support. I'm 'old' to MLM but very 'new' to online marketing. Looking forward to your friendship and assistance.
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Posted 2:02 PM Tue 29 December 2009
Hi Eric!

It's great to meet you! Always great to meet people to turn to for help thanks so much!

[User Deleted]
Posted 2:45 PM Tue 29 December 2009

Thanks for the responses Marcia & Amanda... I'm here to coach and mentor...

Heres something to get you started

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