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Hello Fellow Networkers ...
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Posted 8:12 PM Sat 26 December 2009

So cool to be a part of a group dedicated to connections around multi-level marketing.

That topic is so broad these days, but my strategy has been to celebrate others success and learn from what works well for most people. Relationship building is what I hear over and over as one of the many keys to success.

I look forward to learning from and connecting with all of you.

2010, new decade, new decisions, new dreams coming true!


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Posted 9:54 PM Sat 26 December 2009

Love your outlook! Looking forward to the new dreams of '10, too:)

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Posted 11:23 AM Mon 28 December 2009
I'm liking the people I'm seeing already. If we all can assist each other in being successful, then this industry will take on a new light and a new way of being in business.

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Posted 2:07 PM Tue 29 December 2009
Hi Jennifer! Great to meet you!

I'm REALLY enjoying all these positive people I'm meeting on here! And I just joined about 10 minutes ago! HAHA My favorite site for sure so far, even more than Facebook. Everyoone is so positive here and focused on success I just love it!

I wish you all the best in 2010! Let's make it the best year yet!

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Posted 6:46 AM Thu 21 January 2010
New member...just stopped by to say hi and wish you success in 2010! Look forward to an exchange of thought and humor in the near future. bye for now...M.Tiave
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