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New Year's Resolution Overrated?
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Posted 11:12 AM Sun 27 December 2009

It's funny I ask this question now, I think as we get older we start to look at things a little differently.

Back then it was 'cute' to plan my list of New Year's Resolutions only for it to fail within the first couple months (weeks depending on what the resolution was)

I mean, we hear our typical, lose weight, save more money, invest, be a better spouse, become more organized..etc etc..

Then as we put pressure on ourselves to do just those things, LIFE gets in the way, or just like a diet pill, we reeeally do try at first, but then quit when it's not happening.

On the OTHER hand, I'm a big advocate about writing goals down on paper, get it out of your mind...b/c when you see those goals you are most likely going to follow through...

Hmm....what do you guys think?

New Year's Resolution or no?

I do think that something about a fresh start is therapeutic...

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Posted 11:43 AM Sun 27 December 2009
Completely agree.
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Posted 11:21 AM Mon 28 December 2009
Writing things down, like goals, to do lists, helps keep my mind clear also. With that in mind, we can have daily New Day resolutions which can include the better food choices, eating at home, saving coins instead of spending them.

So how about a New Day Resolution that we can strive to achieve every day?
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Posted 2:11 PM Tue 29 December 2009
Making goals and making a plan to achieve them helps us LIVE LIFE not let life live us. Having a point to your day...I will run 20 minutes today. Or I will make 1 new contact today. Or I will contact 5 customers in my business today. I will NOT eat chocolate! HAHAHA it's important! That way you're not just getting up and la di la di dah living life and letting it slip through your fingers.

Make goals! write them down! Short term, long term! DREAMS! Remember when you were a kid and an adult would ask - What do you want to do when you grow up? And you would answer "I'm going to have a big house and be a Doctor!" or whatever your answer was...

You didn't think about - Well I guess if I can find a way to make enough money I'll have a big house. Or I guess if I stick it out and somehow get my grades up I'll be a Doctor.

YOU JUST DREAMED IT. Don't think of the obstacles for now - just think about:

Where are you now?
What are you doing?
Do you enjoy it?
What are the things you don't like with your life?
What do you want to change?
What do you want to accomplish this year?

Sorry I'm ranting. LOL I'll end here - but I urge you - WRITE DOWN your goals!!! DREAM BIG!

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