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After you've introduced yourself, please post a welcome message to the person's post before yours. This way, nobody gets left out. Plus, you'll grow your own social network. Keep it going. Don't drop the ball! This is a place for new members to introduce themselves and for existing members to welcome fellow members! Please tell us a little about yourself, your goals, where you're from, what MLMs you belong to (if any), your favorite food, you get the idea! Speak your mind and get to know one another. NO ADS!

Hello from Utah
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Joined: 10 year(s) ago
Posted 2:37 PM Tue 14 December 2010

Hello, I just joined the site and thought I would introduce myself. I am not an expert network marketer, but I certainly know that it is a good way to market and for people to make money. I guess I have never thought I could do it as successfully as some of the people I know who are good at it and do well for themselves network marketing. I was browsing the interent and thats how I came across this site and I thought I would join b/c I finally think I found a network marketing product/service that I could market effectively to people. Unfortunately I can't do much with it right now as it has not been rolled out to the public at this point. It will be arriving in the next few weeks though and I am excited to share it with people. What I like about this program is the low cost of it and the fact that it is a product that almost everyone uses. I am excited to meet people and learn about other opportunities as well as share mine with you (It is a network marketing opportunity that a friend of mine is rolling out and has invested in, so I have personal contact with the head of the company). Thanks for reading and I hope to meet many people to share ideas.


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Joined: 11 year(s) ago
Posted 2:58 PM Tue 14 December 2010
Hello Rob,

Nice to read about your background. Hoping you are able to make connections within our budding network of marketers. Don't worry that you're not an "expert" network marketer because sometimes it's the beginners who bring the most passion.