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After you've introduced yourself, please post a welcome message to the person's post before yours. This way, nobody gets left out. Plus, you'll grow your own social network. Keep it going. Don't drop the ball! This is a place for new members to introduce themselves and for existing members to welcome fellow members! Please tell us a little about yourself, your goals, where you're from, what MLMs you belong to (if any), your favorite food, you get the idea! Speak your mind and get to know one another. NO ADS!

Hi New Friends! I am new here!
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Posted 8:39 PM Mon 10 January 2011

Hi New Friends!

My name is Joan, and I am new to MLMSocial! I am a newbie in Network Marketing and just wanted to introduce myself and look forward on making some new friends!

Have a great day!

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Posted 8:50 PM Wed 26 January 2011
Short and sweet introduction... nothing wrong with that:)

Thanks for introducing yourself, Joan, and welcome to MLMSocial!

Hope you're well on your way to making new friends.

If you're a Newbie, I suggest you take a look in our Articles section-- you'll learn a ton and network with some people who may turn into your upline.

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Posted 2:14 AM Thu 27 January 2011
Hi Joan,

Just now joined MLM social network. Where are you from.

Have a good day. Francois
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Posted 8:32 PM Sat 5 February 2011
Hi Francois,
Nice to meet you! Welcome to MLM Social! If I can help you, please dont hesitate to ask me, ok?
Take care,
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Posted 9:26 PM Sat 5 February 2011
Hi Joan, until I joined I see that you were the "new kid on the block". Guess that's me now! Good to see you and all your contacts here.

Greetings from beautiful sunny Spain
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Posted 9:06 AM Sun 6 February 2011
Hi Steve,
Nice to meet you! Hope you have a great weekend! Take care!
Keep in touch!