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Greetings from "sunny" central Ohio
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Posted 12:11 AM Wed 12 January 2011

My name is Tom Heckman. I hail from the snow belt of Ohio. Currently we are being "BELTED" by snow as evidenced by the attached picture! This is a superb time to snuggle down with my permanent attachment, my computer (or my new Android phone!) and get to know the fine people who are a part of this phenomenal website!

I have been full-time in network marketing for over 18 fantastic years and the BEST is yet to come! 2011 is going to the best year yet! Set your goals, my friends and reach for the stars!

I hope to meet ALL of you soon. Befriend me here on MLMSocial right now while you are reading this and dont be a stranger. Share with me what opportunities you are promoting and having success with.

[User Deleted]
Posted 2:55 PM Wed 12 January 2011

Hey Tom! Welcome aboard! I'm 150% sure I'll be seeing you around MLMSocial.

Stay warm!


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Posted 11:32 PM Wed 12 January 2011
Thanks Greg!
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Posted 3:39 PM Mon 24 January 2011
It's SNOW! It's SNOW! It's off to work I go! No time to plow the drive today! It's SNOW! It's SNOW! .... WHEN WILL THE SNOW END? Where is my 2nd home in Florida? Anyone? Anyone?