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I'm watching 5 deer on my front lawn in the s
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Posted 1:28 PM Mon 17 January 2011

They're foraging for food. It's strange to see deer like this in the city--yet it's a delight.

Hi everyone, I'm Donna Patterson from Akron, OH and have been successful in building downlines in the past, but gave up when companies crashed.

Recently I found something new. So with my new free program I'm on my way again. Hope to hear from you guys with lots of tips, suggestions and recommendations.

I'm learning to play jazz piano (long way to go) sigh. But all good things take time. Love sea food and bascially everything else (smile). I'll probably post articles because I love writing. Looking forward to meeting many new friends.

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Posted 10:29 AM Tue 18 January 2011
Red fox in my backyard Donna and a certain family of deer are regular visitors. I live on a rock in Bethany, CT. Lots of trees and water. So a good place for animals. I am fine as long as the Mountain Lions stay away :)
Looking forward to your articles.
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Posted 7:51 AM Wed 26 January 2011
Hi, Michael, I'll be writing soon.