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Looking To Joint Venture, List Build Or Partner with other MLMSocial Members? Do You Have Your Own Opt-In List? This is the place to make those connections. This is also the place to post if you are looking for reciprocal links to buy, sell or swap links with each other. NO ADS!

Adswap with me...
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Posted 10:32 PM Fri 26 March 2010


i have two small lists:

1. approx. 650 list of subscribers who have requested info regarding the GVO Autoresponder system opportunity.

2. approx 2000 list of subscribers who have requested information regarding listbuilding and internet marketing products and services. 10-12% of this list have purchased at least one product or subscribed to at least one membership from me.

if you list is larger i can send additional emailing to make up the difference. if your optin list is related to internet marketing, online biz opps or listbuilding subscribers get back to me if you are interested. i will send my details.

i am flexible as to when you would like email to be sent. just give me at least 2 days notice.


alex alaska p

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Posted 12:06 AM Thu 22 April 2010
I am looking to do some adswap deals feel free to contact me. I have multiple lists an my internet marketing total of 50,000 I have around 3-5,000 in my internet marketing home based business list.

Chris Brown
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Posted 5:19 PM Mon 10 January 2011
This sounds like a blatant example of "List Abuse". The people who are on your list did not agree to receive emails from others with whom you have partnered. Please view the article on this topic here for more details.
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Posted 12:36 AM Wed 19 January 2011

I have to disagree with you Bill. There is little or no difference between offering your list a gift in your niche that they will have to make a decision to opt-into and offering them an affiliate product for sell that they will also have to opt-into.It could be argued that you are providing them another service vs just selling them another product. Your list will decide very quickly if they feel abused. They will do two things and both are bad from the list owners point of view. The first is that they unsubscribe, but even worse is that they just stop opening your emails and you still incur the cost of having a dead contact that is taking up space on your AR.

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Posted 10:31 AM Wed 19 January 2011
As long as the products are something that your list wants then there is nothing wrong with it. The thing is not to oversell the list, because that will annoy the people on your list. As long as you do it respectfully there is not difference here between adswaps and letting a speaker at an event sell a product, which you get a cut from.
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Posted 3:00 PM Thu 20 January 2011
Alright guys. If YOU are promoting something for someone else, that's one thing. If you open your list up by giving it over to someone else, that's something totally different. People are bombarded with emails these days. I personally delete several hundred emails a day without reading them, and that's not counting the safelist emails that go to a separate folder.

Trust me, the old "The Money is in the List" phrase is not long for this world. This method will be pretty well phased out when it becomes no longer viable.
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Posted 7:21 PM Fri 4 February 2011

As any plan, Adswap has its own benefits and flaws. Does anyone have a better strategy to build a new list right from scratch than swapping it anyone here? Yeah, people will be bombarded with emails. People will ignore some emails and not open them. But, what other option do you have....btw, I too have a list which is of no use to me...

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Posted 3:48 AM Thu 10 February 2011
@Suresh P - "btw, I too have a list which is of no use to me....."

I'm intrigued that you can say such a thing... May I ask, are the subscribers on your list people who actively opted in to hear from you? or did you buy that list and found it unresponsive to your offer? How did they come to be on your list? If you didn't pay for generic leads, then they must have seen some value in what your offer was at the time. Perhaps your follow-up is to blame, not the list? Worth thinking about.