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Work at Home Moms face an entirely different set of challenges that other MLMers don't. This is the place for mothers to discuss ways to work at home and still budget time, family and work. Help educate other WAHMs on how to find success in their home businesses. Offer tips, ideas and support for moms (and moms-to-be) to be successful in both personal and business life. NO ADS!

Time Managing While At Home Working
[User Deleted]
Posted 1:59 PM Thu 4 April 2013

How are some of you managing your schedule at home, with family and setting the time for your business?

Are you using a time manager online or system in the computer, I am currious what everyone else is doing, I follow a daily calander task list.

I would like to look into other options any ideas out their I can get would be very nice.

Thank you

Sherry Barcelo

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Posted 9:30 PM Wed 24 April 2013

I hope other moms feel it is OK if I post and reply here. I was a home-school and stay-at-home mom. Not any more because well... my kids are now grown and flown. And I did begin to build an online business when my kids were in their teens.

One way that helped me to manage my time was to cook in double or sometimes triple 'batches' - for example, if I made Taco Soup, Shake n Bake Chicken, Spaghetti, etc. I made an extra family portion and froze it for a later date. This saves in cooking and cleaning time. I found that keeping meals simple, and yet healthy and tasty, and freezing ahead really helped.

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